Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dear Home Stretch {a.k.a. 36 weeks},

Slickpaw's Camera June-ish 2010 129Dear Home Stretch {a.k.a. 36 weeks}, 
I’m huge…and HOT!!! But, I must admit that I’m thankful that you’re here at a time when I can have some color to my skin! (thanks to the spray on tan, of course!) I don’t know how people used to survive without air conditioners and fans! I surely would have died!!!

Because of you, I think I really am ready! Nash’s room is complete (for now), the drawers are stocked with diapers and wipes, his diaper bag is packed and my hospital suitcase is almost ready to go! I’m doing all of the silly little things that don’t matter to anyone but me!

And, thanks to my precious friends and family, 2 showers have been thrown and my registry is full of “fulfilled” markings! I still can’t get over how blessed we were to have to buy so little. Nash is one lucky little man!
 Slickpaw's Camera June-ish 2010 122Slickpaw's Camera June-ish 2010 123  Because of you, and my patience level, the big brother of the house seems to more challenging than ever. I guess he’s sensing the change that is coming his way. Even though I know that he truly is such a sweet love, his strong opinion seems to get stronger with each passing day…he knows JUST what he wants when he wants it.  And, I know he’s not trying to be difficult…and feels so bad when he disappoints us. I love that about him! …The fact that he’s letting me know that he’s “still my baby” shows me that he’s not quite sure about this little brother that “we don’t know yet!” All I can do is hope and pray that it’ll be an easy transition! Slickpaw's Camera June-ish 2010 126Compared to my pregnancy with Quinn, I must admit that this isn’t easy! I’m more uncomfortable and Nash’s movements rarely stop! I swear his knee… or heel… or something… is going to poke right out of my tummy at times. I’m constantly having to push him so that I can feel some relief in a certain spot. Daily he gets the hiccups and daily my belly does things that just don’t seem human. I think he’s ready to GET OUT!

I also think I’m waddling a little…I’m having some pretty intense braxton hicks contractions…and breathing is a challenge. I’m your typical “about to pop” pregnant gal! People stop me ALL of the time to inquire about my pregnancy…boy? girl? what’s his name? when are you due? are you nervous?…I get so many questions and they never get old. I…despite it all…still LOVE being pregnant…and am 99.999% sure that I’ll be doing it again one day! :) Slickpaw's Camera June-ish 2010 130 Because of you, my husband is quite the servant. He rubs my shoulders, gets me whatever I need from the kitchen, helps even more with Quinn and is constantly telling me how beautiful he thinks I am! I’m so thankful that he loves my pregnancies as much as I do. Even though he can’t wait to have Nash in his arms, he tells me that there are lots of things he’s going to miss about me being pregnant. I’m so blessed to have him as my baby daddy! :) …Slickpaw's Camera June-ish 2010 139So, for the next 3ish weeks, I’m going to soak in the quiet moments I have when Quinn is napping…I’m going to enjoy taking LONG showers …and getting a “good” night’s sleep! I’m going to spend lots of extra time memorizing Quinn’s face and remembering just what it was like to be ThePoeFam3! It’s going to be a priceless few weeks…but…I’m excited! I can’t wait to see what it feels like for our hearts to double!!! Slickpaw's Camera June-ish 2010 138


kristin fulghum said...

you look adorable and you're so close. hang in there!

Kelli said...

You look great!!

Do you so your own spray tan? Or do you go get it done??

Mary said...

You're too cute as usual. Not right for an almost-full term girl! I'm patting myself on the back because I always love your style in your pictures and I actually have the same dress...and it got LOTS OF MILEAGE when I was pregnant. I'm not sure what I would have done without it. You look way better in it than I did I'm sure :) Hang in there!!

Nicki W. said...

you look beautiful. love that belly. i miss my big ol' belly sometimes!!!