Monday, May 24, 2010

Dear OH MY GOSH, we’re getting close {a.k.a. 32 weeks},

Dear OH MY GOSH, we’re getting close (a.k.a. 32 weeks/Seven Months),      

It’s real! I’m going to have a baby! Quinn is going to be a big brother and each room in our house is going to be in daily use! I think the reality of it is REALLY starting to sink in…and, thankfully, I’m OK with that! 32 weeks & Nash's Shower 02232 weeks & Nash's Shower 015Because of you, the room is becoming TOO cute for words! I can’t wait to put the finishing touches on it so that I can show it off to everyone I know. It’s crazy how different it is from Quinn’s, but it’s strange how I feel that it’s just “so Nash!” …whatever that means! I walk in the nursery and immediately get that excited feeling. It’s fun…and I’ve loved working on it! 32 weeks & Nash's Shower 021

Thankfully, after our sweet sonogram, we found out that Nash DID in fact make a turn in the right direction. And, since he’s not breech anymore, I’m feeling GREAT! Don’t get me wrong, my back still hurts some and the “growing pains” in my belly are sometimes too much to bear, but I feel like I can go and do…and, honestly, seem to have a hard time wanting to stop! I’m a “doer” and there always seems to be something that can keep me busy…be it writing info in Nash’s baby book, going through Quinn’s newborn clothes, or making a list of things that I still “MUST HAVE,” it’s always something. My brain just won’t turn off!

But, naps are still nice! I take a few a week and am sleeping pretty good at night. Sadly, the UNEXPLAINABLE leg cramps and CRAZY dreams have started to wake me up during some evenings, and the heat of the {not even} summer leaves me SUPER hot at night. I’ve even resorted to sleeping on top of our covers with a light blanket..and our night time air conditioner is set on 70! I HATE being hot! 32 weeks & Nash's Shower 025

As far as that precious big brother goes, he MELTS my heart! He’s really wanting to help with the nursery and LOVES to drag his toys into Nash’s room to play! Being in his baby brother’s new crib with a few of his cars is one of his favorite places to be! Quinn loves to oooh and aahh over cute clothes that we get for Nash and takes pride in picking out passys and toys when we go to the store. I really do feel that he’s going to be the most amazing big brother of all time! 32 weeks & Nash's Shower 014Cravings have kind of gone by the wayside. I’ll have an occasional “must have” craving that usually comes once…Red Wine Vinaigrette from Quizno’s, Dickey’s chopped beef sandwich, peanut butter cookie from Which Which. But, they’re not what they once were. My appetite is slowing down…and, that’s good for my weight gain! :) 

So, thank you 32 weeks, because, Overall, things are great! …Soon enough, the nursery will be ready and waiting, memoires at sweet baby showers will be made, doctor’s appointments will come every week and my already BIG belly will continue to grow even more! So, for now, I’m going to LOVE the fact that Nash MUST be the most active baby of all time and enjoy laughing at my belly as it moves in ways that don’t seem possible. What a miracle!
32 weeks & Nash's Shower 018


Jennifer said...

Something that I found helped with my leg cramps was making sure I didn't wear shoes that I had to use my toes to keep on. Like I didn't wear a lot of flip-flops because I would use my toes to keep them on (if that makes sense!)

Unknown said...

So glad Nash turned for you. I found your blog from Julie Johnson's blog...I am 4 days from my due date, miserable, and don't know the gender. But we'll get there...