Thursday, April 22, 2010

Our Little Babymoon

This past weekend, on a whim, Matt decided that we needed to take a little time for “just us!” Embarrassingly enough, we (as a couple) have only spent one night away in all of Quinn’s life. And, I had never gone a day without seeing him. So, when Mammer and Slickpaw were willing and able to come and play, we jumped at the opportunity to book our hotel!

Sadly, Mammer’s half-a-day sub didn't show up, so Quinn ventured out with us for the first little part of our get-away. We left at around 2:00 on Friday afternoon and headed to Dallas to check into our hotel. After we saw our amazing room, we started through the list of “must do’s” that Moc-a-Moly had given us!

First stop…JD’s Chippery! YUMMY cookies in all flavors!  Babymoon April 2010 001 Babymoon April 2010 002 We took our dozen to a nearby park and snacked away! I’d say my favorites were the Snickerdoodle and PB Chocolate Chip! …And, despite Quinn’s funny face in this picture, he LOVED them too! Babymoon April 2010 004 Babymoon April 2010 005 Babymoon April 2010 006Babymoon April 2010 007 Babymoon April 2010 011 Babymoon April 2010 012 After eating, we played and enjoyed our time together. Babymoon April 2010 015 Babymoon April 2010 017 Babymoon April 2010 018Babymoon April 2010 023To kill some more time before Mammer and Slickpaw got there, we went to Inwood Village for a little shopping! We all had a good time at Tyler’s! Quinn got some super cool flip flops and Matt got a T! I have a feeling we’ll be shopping there again!!!

Thumb_vneck-aqylWhile we were still there, Mammer and Slickpaw arrived to pick up our little man! We said our goodbyes, gave lots of hugs and kisses and Matt and I were ON OUR OWN!!! …

And, we were hungry! We headed straight to Matt’s Mexican Food Restaurant. It’s a Dallas favorite and was packed!!! But, since we only needed a table for two, our wait wasn’t very long! And, it was YUM!
  Babymoon April 2010 024 Babymoon April 2010 027 By the time we got back to our hotel, they had turned down our bed and gotten it all ready for the night! Beautiful music was playing and this cute quote was sitting on our bed. I took a long bath and we were so excited to go to sleep knowing that there was no alarm (be it the beeping kind or the three-year-old boy kind) that would wake us! :)

Babymoon April 2010 028

We woke up after 9!!!!! Isn’t that amazing!?!? We took our time getting ready and then walked to the Dream Cafe for breakfast! It was a cool morning and made for a great little walk! Babymoon April 2010 029 Babymoon April 2010 034We spent hours at breakfast. Eating…drinking coffee…talking…journaling the goals and dreams for our little family! Then, we talked about what we had written. It was such a precious time! And one that we hope happens more and more often! Babymoon April 2010 035 Babymoon April 2010 036After that, we packed up our stuff, and headed to the Bishop Arts District. After walking around and browsing for a bit, we parked in the most fun little shop.  Babymoon April 2010 049The Soda Gallery was the cutest and most well-done little place. We scanned through the CRAZY amounts of sodas before making our selections. Matt chose a Mexican Coke and I got a yummy Strawberry Soda!! We sat there for at least an hour, talking more and enjoying our fun drinks! When 2:00 came and went, we had no nap time to meet! It was fabulous! Babymoon April 2010 037 Babymoon April 2010 039 5Babymoon April 2010 040 Babymoon April 2010 044 Babymoon April 2010 045 Babymoon April 2010 046 Babymoon April 2010 048 As we drove back to our hotel, we saw THIS restaurant…crazy huh? …Babymoon April 2010 055 Babymoon April 2010 051After a good nap, we got freshened up to go out for the night. We found a yummy sushi place, drove around some AMAZING neighborhoods, stopped by CVS to grab our movie candy stash and ended the evening with a trip to Inwood Theatre (our FAVORITE place EVER to see a movie) to see Date Night. We LOVE relaxing in their big couches! It makes a movie so much better!

  Babymoon April 2010 059 Babymoon April 2010 061

Babymoon April 2010 062

  On Sunday morning, we slept until 9:45, watched a movie in bed and got ready. We waited until the very last minute to check out of our room…then headed back to the Dream Cafe where I devoured the MOST amazing chicken salad sandwich I’ve ever had! …

Babymoon April 2010 072It was such a fun and easy weekend…and I’m so thankful that we took the time to make it happen! We needed it and I know that, if we didn’t do it right away, we wouldn’t have been able to make time for it between now and Nash’s arrival! …I love my husband and am so thankful that he is truly my very best friend, too!

P.S. A HUGE thank you goes to Mammer and Slickpaw for taking such good care of our little man all weekend! He had TOO much fun and missing us probably never crossed his mind! We are so thankful that they were able to come and pamper him…and, in turn, pamper us! It was a blessing that we will never forget!


kristin fulghum said...

that sounds like so much fun! good for you guys. you look adorable by the way!

Erin Ellis said...
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Erin Ellis said...

The Stoneleigh is our favorite place! After spending our wedding night there, we have already been back once and plan to go back every year! I'm so glad you enjoyed your weekend. The Stoneleigh is such a wonderful getaway!

Jen said...

I love that you took time to write out and talk about your goals and dreams for your family. Did you write them for each member? How fantastic!!! SO happy that you got to get away for a little while. It looks like you guys had a great time. :)

Joni said...

You look sooooo cute;-)

Sharee Forman said...

Hey friend, love the picture of you holding Quinn on the bridge, your hair looks so good! Also had to tell you I leave your blog up on my computer so I can listen to your awesome makes me and Tristan happy! :)