Monday, March 22, 2010

Only in Texas!

 St Pat's and PIcnic 049
On Friday we…

dined outdoors on a fabulous picnic lunch
broke sticks
played at our favorite park
picked flowers
and wore shorts & flip flops!
St Pat's and PIcnic 039 St Pat's and PIcnic 041 St Pat's and PIcnic 044 St Pat's and PIcnic 045 St Pat's and PIcnic 047  St Pat's and PIcnic 062{SIDENOTE!>>>LOOK AT THAT BELLY!!!!!It looks HUGE in these pictures! Baby Nash update coming soon!}St Pat's and PIcnic 063 St Pat's and PIcnic 064St Pat's and PIcnic 066
And, on Sunday, we woke up to THIS!!!...

 Snow 3.21.10 007 Snow 3.21.10 009 Snow 3.21.10 013
7 inches of SNOW!!! I was SHOCKED!!! How does this happen on March 21st? Only in Texas, right? Even though it was a fun surprise, I’m over it! And, Quinn wanted nothing to do with being out in it!

So, we…
stayed in our PJs all day
played and played and played in our warm and cozy house
laughed when the puppies had to go potty
pulled up all of the blinds so that we could see the beautiful white blanket
and dined on snow ice cream!

Snow 3.21.10 018

Snow 3.21.10 016 Happy Spring!

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Irina said...

wow, i am so over it too. thank goodness we haven't gotten any snow in a few weeks...