Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dear Half-Way Mark,

20 weeks and verses 001Dear Half-Way Mark {a.k.a. 20 weeks},

OH….HOW I LOVE YOU!!! Not because we’re closer to the end, but because we’re further away from the beginning! You are what I remember! You are what I love! And, you are why I’m one of those rare, crazy people that LOVE being pregnant! Seriously, I think I could be a surrogate!!

Because of you, I now know that there is a sweet baby BOY in my belly and I know that my precious Quinn is going to have a baby brother!

Because of you, I am feeling our sweet boy move EVERYDAY! And, it makes me smile…and laugh. I am reminded of the miracle that growing a baby truly is and am often brought to tears at the opportunity I am given! I still think it’s crazy that I can go about my {fairly} normal life while GROWING A PERSON at the same time!!! You’d think it would completely knock you out! But, it doesn’t! And, it’s amazing!

Because of you, I’m ready to decorate and plan a sweet nursery! It seems to consume me…but, it’s OH so fun! 20 weeks and verses 004 Because of you, my real jeans are ALL the way out…and it’s maternity all of the way! They feel so good! And, why did I not know how fabulous it was to have the band that goes ALL the way over your belly when I was preggo with Quinn!? I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to go back to the others!

Because of you, I am more in love with Quinn that ever before. I’m cherishing him and our “just us” time. Every day, I think he understands a little bit more about the babe growing inside of me. He asks questions, we read stories, and he sings to my belly. He’s a dream! And, I’m praying that his baby brother holds many of his precious qualities! 20 weeks and verses 006 20 weeks and verses 010

Because of you, I’m craving less…but I can’t pass up a good salad and baked potato…full of butter, cheese, ranch and salt & pepper! My microwave has helped me cook about a dozen in the pass month!

Because of you, I’m a little less careful about my diet coke intake! Sometimes I convince myself that I need one more! Does that mean I have a problem!? I promise to be better when the baby comes…because the caffeine that I drink could effect his sleep!!! And, that effects MY sleep!!! So, I’ll cut back, I’m sure of it! :)

Because of you, I am happy! I am excited! And, I am thankful! In one hand I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever, and in the other, I can’t believe that we’re half-way to meeting our sweet Mr. Man. (I’ve decided that I want that to be his nickname!…we’ll see if it sticks!) 20 weeks and verses 011


kristin fulghum said...

yea for 20 weeks! you look adorable.

Laura said...

PRECIOUS! I can't wait for you to meet your little baby boy and for Quinn to be a big brother, sweet sweet love! And you look way to cute to be 20 weeks pregnant! Totally understand the diet coke thing---I had to get caffeine free and I also love diet root beer! Hugs!

Megan said...

Whoa, it seems like it was only a few weeks ago that you made the big announcement and now you are already half way! I cannot wait to (hopefully, if I'm invited) see pictures of your new little man and find out what his name is!

P.S. Quinn's hair looks almost red in that first picture - so cute!

Jennifer said...

I can't believe it's 20 weeks already! I loved being pregnant too. Enjoy the next half :)

Oh, and I'd love to see a good picutre of that way you're standing in front of-I'm dying to do a picture wall, but not sure what I want it to look like yet. Any more open house posts planned? :)

Mary said...

You're too cute! Excited to hear what his name is :)