Sunday, February 21, 2010

Celebrating LOVE!

I must admit that Valentine’s Day has never really been a holiday I’ve cared that much about. I guess since my birthday is so close by!? But, since Quinn was born, I get giddy when I see the pink and red pop up in stores!!! It’s so happy…and, who cares if it’s a commercial holiday!?!? I think we need more reasons to celebrate our loves!

So, that’s exactly what we do!!! Shortly before Valentine’s, we had our Valentine’s playgroup at Cara’s. She outdid herself with precious decor and fun snacks! The boys had a BLAST! …and the sugar overload didn’t hurt! :) IMG_9495 Valentine's Playgroup and more 015Valentine's Playgroup and more 017 Valentine's Playgroup and more 016Since we gabbed too much, we saved our Valentine’s bag to open at home! The next day, Quinn had TOO much fun going through and seeing all of the amazing treats from his little buddies! The creativity was TOO MUCH!!!Valentine's Playgroup and more 019 …and, my personal favorite was this precious plaque that Alli made!!!! Is it not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!?!?…Valentine's Playgroup and more 020 And, blaming the gabbing once again, we didn’t have time to make the craft that Cara planned. So, Quinn and I spent the next afternoon painting and construction this precious Valentine holder that now hangs on our fridge! He LOVES seeing his cards and taking them on and off! Thank you, Cara, for such a precious idea! …and for the supplies to do it…Valentine's Playgroup and more 025 Valentine's Playgroup and more 027

Then, the day before Valentine’s Day, while we were still in Abilene, Slickpaw took Quinn to Lowe’s to make a special gift for Mommy… Quinn Feb 11-14, 2010 Brittney BirthD, Valentine, Snow, (52)

Quinn Feb 11-14, 2010 Brittney BirthD, Valentine, Snow, (58)

Quinn Feb 11-14, 2010 Brittney BirthD, Valentine, Snow, (63)And, he couldn’t have been prouder to give it to me on Valentine’s Day! I love my new jewelry holder! :) … Quinn Feb 11-14, 2010 Brittney BirthD, Valentine, Snow, (79) Quinn Feb 11-14, 2010 Brittney BirthD, Valentine, Snow, (80) Quinn Feb 11-14, 2010 Brittney BirthD, Valentine, Snow, (81)

Matt and I got to celebrate too. We got to see this cute movie…I’m still amazed at the cast…

…and went shopping afterwards to pick out some fun new clothes! … Matt also got me a great cover for my new Bible and a gorgeous picture frame. I got him a subscription to Relevant Magazine. He was really excited…it’s a cool magazine.

Quinn even got a special Valentine from Mammer and Slickpaw…this amazing Lightning McQueen car wash! He has already played with it for HOURS on end. He loves it!

Quinn Feb 11-14, 2010 Brittney BirthD, Valentine, Snow, (90) On the way home, we stopped at a convenient store and Q got this fun heart sucker! He was so precious and happy eating it in the backseat. What a love!

stars game, baby 012 stars game, baby 007 And, the celebrating didn’t end there! Nana & Pawpaw came into town and brought lots of fun Valentine goodies. My favorite thing had to be these cool straws! thumbnail They’re plastic…so we can use them again and again! We’re always stealing handfuls of good, big straws from certain restaurants, and now we don’t have to! :) …

Overall, it was a great…spread out…Valentine’s! And, just think…next year I’ll have THREE guys to LOVE!


sarahbeth said...

Thanks for the shout out! We loved seeing it on your blog! We're still giving half of Haiti subscriptions to World Vision when you subscribe through this page!

Peace of God to you!

The Penuels said...

Cute post!! I LOVE how your card holder turned out!! Love you friend :)

A Perfect Pandemonium said...

Since I had kids, I love every holiday! Since I have three boys, I try to make Valentine's Day fun so they'll grow up wanting to treat their own ladies special on this day! :) Year ago, my mom started the Valentine Armadillo. Cupid brings love, but the Valentine Armadillo brings the presents. It's a little more "boy" themed and my boys love it! They can't wait to see what the Armadillo brought them. I try to keep as much "Texas" with me here in Oklahoma as I can!