Thursday, January 28, 2010

Letter of the Week: I


i  is for

ice cream*igloo*inside



It was “I” week…and it was fun! I hope Quinn continues to love our little activities as much as he has for these first few letters. And, it has been SO easy for me, because I’m still using the same little ideas…just the new letter.

1. We started with our Frog Street book and song. Q loved it, of course…and wanted to sing it OVER and OVER…FST409T 2. After that, we made lemon pudding and I let Quinn fingerpaint I’s in it. He had a blast! …and did good…that I was all by himself! :) I Week, SOS and more 0023. We did our “No Time For Flash Cards” art activity…and, it made Q’s favorite I word…ICE CREAM!…I Week, SOS and more 0214. Quinn hunted for all of the I’s in the big tub of foam letters.
5. And, used them on his I worksheet. I Week, SOS and more 022

6. Q devoured his special Muffin Tin Munchies I lunch…look at all the Cheese-it I’s that I found! :)  I Week, SOS and more 0237. This next activity entertained Q for HOURS!!! Seriously, HOURS!!! We used ICE water and warm water and he would place his new Color Changing Cars in one and then the other to watch them change. HE LOVED IT!  

I Week, SOS and more 024

I Week, SOS and more 026I Week, SOS and more 028 8. One afternoon, after lunch, we made an Ice Cream Drink! Quinn helped me put in the cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream, milk, banana, and chocolate syrup! YUMMMY!I Week, SOS and more 037 I Week, SOS and more 038Cheers!!!… I Week, SOS and more 039 I Week, SOS and more 0409. He did starfall and bemboo’s zoo activities!
10. And, he practiced writing his I’s on his chalkboard in his room! :)  I Week, SOS and more 041

11. And, last but not least, we went on our field trip…to IHOP! Quinn got SO excited when he saw the sign…He said, “That I doesn’t have it’s dot!!!!” …

All of these were taken with Quinn’s camera…and he took all of them except for the one of he and I! :) …IHOP and More Quinn's Camera 009 IHOP and More Quinn's Camera 010 IHOP and More Quinn's Camera 011 IHOP and More Quinn's Camera 012IHOP and More Quinn's Camera 013

Such a fun little outing…such a fun letter.

Up next: N


Kelly | Fabulous K said...

You guys are precious! :)

The Johnson Family 5 said...

cars that change color? why haven't I heard of these?! you came up with some great ideas!

Jen said...

How wonderful!!! I am loving your ideas for fun themed letter days! Such a fun time!!!

Anonymous said...

WHere did you find the I worksheet?

Kimberly said...

I started the letter "C" this week. Creighton keeps saying, "This is so much fun!" Of course, it's between feeding Griffin and naps and everything else, but it's turned out to be a success! I just have one question- how do you teach them to hold a pencil? He does something funny with his and I can't figure out how to teach him otherwise. (My students always knew how to write before they came to third grade!) And where did you find the printable letters?

Thanks for all the ideas. It's been a great, learning filled week. Check the blog later this weekend and I hope to have some of the things posted. Though, most of them are similar to yours!

Barbara said...

What a great Mom you are. Great ideas for a letter day and what a precious little boy. Enjoy each day, they grow up very very fast.


sanjeet said...

you came up with some great ideas!

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The DePalermo Ranch said...

So precious. We miss you all so much! I can't wait for letters of the week with Michael. Maybe Quinn can teach them to Michael and new baby Poe! Love you guys! Tell Quinn Boogie misses him!

Erin said...

Hi Brittney! I have a 16-month old and I'm always looking for fun things to do with her in the eventings and on weekends (I work during the day and she goes to "school"). I'm curious what some of your favorite resources are for ealry childhood activities. I know that Quinn is a little older that Addison so she's not quite ready for the letters like he is. I emailed you a while ago about being added once you go private so you should have my email address. Thank you so much! You are so creative and I'd love any advice you could offer!