Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Going Private!

Sadly, the time has come where I feel the need to prepare for going private with our little blog! It is going to be a gradual process...and I know the switch will be annoying for some...but, I know it is best! ...

So, here's what I need you to do...
1. PLEASE don't stop reading!!!
2. Don't be shy & confess that you read by emailing me at thepoefamblog@aol.com.
3. Leave me your name, email addres, blog address (if you have one) and how you know us!
4. Stay tuned for the actual "private" notice...and be checking for an email within the next 6 months.

P.S. I'm afraid that alot of people think that if they don't have a blog, they aren't going to be able to read anymore!!!  NOT TRUE!!! Just send an email to the above address and, when the time comes, you'll be able to log on to read our blog using your email address! :)


Irina said...

:( What will I be reading from now on...?! Sorry to hear.

Amy said...

I love reading your blog! I found you through "Camp Crawford" who I found through "Four Fat Chicks." You have such great/fun activities for Quinn that I sometimes use them with my god daughter. I would love to be able to keep reading your blog as you go through the process of having another little one. : )
Best wishes,

Roman's Roost said...

Ahhh! I like keeping up with you through Laura's blog.

Tiffany said...

I love reading your blog and seeing your creative ideas - especially now that I have a son of my own! I'd love for you to add me. Thanks!

sanjeet said...

You guys are precious!

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Twice as Nice said...

I have never posted but I read your blog. Our blog is

Sheridan said...

Brittney...I emailed you but forgot to leave my blog. If you click on my name here it will lead you to my blogs. :)

Q. August said...

I feel sort of sad. I am one of the "strangers" that follows your blog because it helps me. I recently resigned as a preschool teacher to be a stay at home mom at this time in my daughter's life. I usually go to your blog to get great ideas of things and ways to teach her as you have done a marvelous job with your son. I also try to get ideas to make my family unit stronger. I admire your family structure and all that you do as a mom and wife. I'll be sad to see the blog go so to say. Best of luck.

Brooke & Freeland said...

I will keep reading. Send me the invite (if you have enough!:) My email is Brooke.Ackley (at) gmail.com

The Myers said...

Oh, please add me to your list. I found you through Sarah Thornton's blog and love keeping up with you and your sweet family. Congrats on the new little one by the way.

jen said...

I found your blog through your recipes and really enjoy your recipes as well as your blog. As a mom of four I am always looking for other peoples creative ideas. I do not have a blog of my own, but would enjoy to continue to read yours.

Thanks so much,


The High Family said...

I just came across your blog after Brooke posted a link on her blog. I think your blog is fabulous and would LOVE to continue to follow it. Please send me an invite when you make the switch to private.

My email is:

I also have a family blog (that I need to update...I've been such a slacker) if you are interested in seeing it.

Thanks a bunch! ~ Bobbi

Stephanie said...

I love reading your blog and you inspired me to collect letters!!

CCB said...

I love reading your blog! If you have room for one more follower =) I cannot remember how I found your blog, but it is a favorite! My email is ccb1972@comcast.net - and you can click on my name for my blog =) Have a great day!!!

Coleson & Tate said...

Found you from the Caden Lane blog. love it! (love the lunches!)

www.mensonides.blogspot.com & www.kristaljoyphotography.blogspot.com

Erik and Courtney said...

Would love to continue to read, starting praying Gods word today ! Tijerinafamily.blogspot.com, found you through bunyfamily.blogspot.com

the tichenor family said...

I am a new reader, mommy of 2 boys as well! You are TOO cute. Please, oh, please let me keep reading along when you go private.


Nina said...

I'm a new reader too! I found your recipe blog the other day (which I absolutely LOVE by the way!!!) I made your chicken and dumpling recipe and it was fabulous! I'm a new mommy to a little boy, and have a mommy blog as well. Add me if you can when you go private! I love reading!


Tracey said...

Just started following your blog thru a friend at work. We are going to Disney and she suggested it because we are going in 2 weeks and have kids the same age. I would love to be added so I can read the Disney details. My blog is www.greenwoodkids.blogspot.com
my email is tracey.greenwood@sbcglobal.net
Thanks for sharing your trip and all your tips and ratings. It is going to be very helpful!

The Walkers said...

I love reading your blog! I don't even know how I found you guys but I would love to be on the list if you do go private. Thanks!
Lauren Walker

aclakley said...

Love reading your blog, sweet friend!

Katherine Salinas said...

Would love to keep reading! Thanks for all the great ideas to do with my 2 kids and teaching them to love and obey the Lord!