Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dear {beginning of} Second Trimester,

Dear {beginning of} Second Trimester,
Welcome to my world! I’m so happy that you’re here! A few weeks after you came onto the scene, I started feeling almost normal. Granted, I still have my moments of yuckiness and my MUST have a nap days…but, overall, you’re treating me well!

Because of you, the nesting has officially begun. Silly as it may sound, I’ve already almost killed myself cleaning out the guest room/future baby room’s closet. Now, it only contains the little amount of stuff that we have for our Little Dragon. It feels so good to open up the closet and just stare at my work! Such an accomplishment.

Because of you, my cravings have subsided a bit. I have moments where I NEED a bite of thePoeFam’s favorite new salsa. It may be 9 in the morning, but I need a bite. I also have loved the Crazy Cores Skittles (especially the orange ones) and Peanut Butter Whoppers! YUMMMY!

   mars_skittles_crazy_cores reeses-whoppers-theatre-siz

Because of you, my belly really started to pooch a bit…but, honestly, just looks a little flabby! I feel that it looks pretty different than it did with Quinn at this point, but maybe I’m wrong!? I still haven’t gotten congratulated from a stranger yet…that’s a fun moment, I think! … I’m ready to REALLY look preggo!

Because of you, I’m starting to feel the TINY baby movements. {at about 15 weeks} They’re still at the point where I’m ALMOST sure it’s the baby…but, since I’ve felt it before, I think I’m right! :) It makes me anxious to feel more and makes me so thankful to be carrying this precious little miracle.

So, for now, I’ll continue to enjoy being pregnant and not knowing what kind of baby is growing inside of me. The secret, although unnerving, is really kinda fun! I honestly think it helps me relax…because, the second I know, my nesting will be in FULL swing!

And, for now, I’ll continue to soak in EVERY precious moment with the Big Brother of the house! He truly couldn’t be sweeter and I couldn’t LOVE him more! …And, the “I love you, baby” that my belly hears on a weekly basis will continue to melt my heart! More Christmas, Snow and Noon Years 028 More Christmas, Snow and Noon Years 020 More Christmas, Snow and Noon Years 021  More Christmas, Snow and Noon Years 025

Lowe's with M&S, 16 week belly, Mammers bday 041 Lowe's with M&S, 16 week belly, Mammers bday 032 Lowe's with M&S, 16 week belly, Mammers bday 034

We have a doctor’s appointment THIS week! So, stay tuned for a baby update! :)


Laura said...

woo hoo moving along!I see the little baby trying to show but you look precious! I showed much quicker too and felt the baby right at 14 weeks! CRAZY that we know that feeling already, itty precious little nugget. I can't wait to see what you are having, maybe you will find out at your next appt! Hugs!

Diana said...

what are all these cute tops that you are wearing with the weeks?

kristin fulghum said...

oh hooray for the second trimester. it is so fabulous! love the tiny little baby bump!

Mary said...

Your shirts-maternity or not-are always cute! I'm thinking girl because you mentioned you feel very different. I think I've already gone on record saying that but just in case: I vote girl. I totally felt different in the nauseous way with my girls and carried differently too. With Ty I grew up and out quickly and with the girls it was gradual until the last two months. Sadly it had nothing to do with my abdominal muscles stretching out-I never had those :):)

The Penuels said...

Loved this post...yay for the 2nd trimester! You look great girl, and I am dying to know if we have a little boy or girl coming :)

Unknown said...

Where do you get the shirts with the number on them? Or is that something you added to the picture?

ThePoeFam said...

For all of you that were asking about my shirts...they're stickers. They make them for baby too...and, as soon as I find out what I'm having, I'll be ordring my set. Go to this link ( to see all of her cute options...and tell her that I sent ya! :)

Jade George said...

Where did you get those cute shirts with the weeks on them? I think they are too cute!!! Thanks,jade selman george

Melody said...

You look great! I can't believe you are already 16 weeks along, before you know it, that little bundle of joy will be in your arms :)

sanjeet said...

I can't wait to see what you are having, maybe you will find out at your next appt!

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