Friday, January 01, 2010

“The Best Christmas EVER!”: 2009

On Christmas morning, at seven a.m.
Matt and I woke up before the fam.
We started the coffee and enjoyed the sound
of quiet and peace with the snow on the ground.
It was clear that Santa had visited us
And the toys that he left would soon be a plus!
Christmas 2009 128 Christmas 2009 129Christmas 2009 130

backyard snow

Within a few minutes the grandparents awoke
Then a few minutes more and our little guy spoke. 
We went to his room and shared the good news
What would he play with? It’d be so hard to choose!

When he rounded the corner, he stopped dead in his tracks
Because the view before him didn’t seem like the facts.
You see, Mommy & Daddy had told him before
That Santa would be gone when he walked out his door.

But, before his eyes, stood a man in a “suit”
With a hat and his camera aimed ready to shoot.
For a minute Q was sure that it must be Saint Nick
But, Slickpaw appeared behind the camera real quick.

shockshock1 So, after the unintentional trick
Quinn proceeded on to his toys super quick.
He had his Lightening tracks and lots of new cars
It was hard to believe that this all was now ours!
Christmas 2009 131TrackStocking  Christmas 2009 133
We did stockings and opened presents galore.
Everyone was spoiled and said “thank you” once more!
Our opening took us til lunch time, it’s true
We weren’t quite sure if we’d ever be through.
Christmas 2009 134 Christmas 2009 139 Christmas 2009 142 Christmas 2009 145 Christmas 2009 146 Christmas 2009 147 Christmas 2009 149 Queen&King Being silly Being silly1 cars Happy   Christmas 2009 152Kitchen1Kitchen Christmas 2009 157 Christmas 2009 155

We stayed in our jammies for the whole Christmas day
And cooked a good dinner, then hated to weigh.
We laughed, and we rested and played with our loot
Spent time with our little guy who was just way too cute.

He consistently said “this is the best Christmas ever!”
It’s hard to think that next year could be better.
We were blessed beyond measure as they day slipped away.
Thank you, sweet Jesus, for your precious birthday.
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We hope your Christmas was as magical as ours!!!


Jennifer said...

i love reading your blog. quinn is precious! congrats on baby #2. kids are such a joy!!

Tosha W. said...

Hi! I have enjoyed reading your blog. I was wondering where you got the "Dear Santa" plate from...I have been looking for this type of plate everywhere!