Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just Like Handy Manny

Lights & Lowes 020 Despite a yucky allergy face, Q and I anxiously headed to Lowe’s on Saturday morning for our first “Build and Grow” experience. When we got there, we followed the hammering noises to the work station. The men handed us our kit and we got busy! …Quinn proudly wore his goggles as we followed instructions and hammered away! After 45 minutes, I had a very excited little guy that couldn’t wait to show off his new Treat Keeper. When he took his finished product to the desk, he got a certificate, an apron and his first patch!!! SO CUTE! He wore his apron all afternoon and continues to wear his goggles MOST of the time!!! And, he now has the PERFECT Christmas gift for Kia & Krozby. He told Kia all about it already, but hopefully she’ll forget…and I’m sure the treats in it on Christmas morning will make up for the spoiled surprise! … And, we can’t wait to go back next month. What a precious program…what a fun memory!…and, the best part!? was FREE!

Lights & Lowes 021 Lights & Lowes 023 Lights & Lowes 024 TAAAA DAAAAAAA….Lights & Lowes 025 And, all of his loot…minus the goggles…because he’s wearing them! :) Lights & Lowes 027


Mary said...

They are so fun! We go to the one at Home Depot, which is the first Saturday of every month-maybe we will see you there at some point! I'd love to meet you and little Quinn in person :)

Jenny said...

I went to the Lowe's site to register my son and noticed it said recommeded for 1st-5th graders. My son will be 2 in March...would he be too young you think? Was Quinn actually able to do the activity??