Monday, December 21, 2009

Dear {end of} First Trimester,

Dear {end of} First Trimester,

Maybe I could say that we’re starting to become friends. Thankfully, you are starting to treat me better. You decide to sneak up and attack in the evenings, but my days are getting closer to normal. Granted, I’m still SUPER tired, and the “rubber band trick” is a must on MOST of my jeans, but I’ll take that over the yucky tummy!

Somehow you have given me MORE ridiculous cravings. I had very few with Quinn, so these make me laugh…

1. Still Subway….MMM MMM! I walk in, smell the familiar smell, and can hardly wait. I love the turkey with LOTS of veggies, salt, pepper, oil and vinegar. And, I love to dip it in their Chipotle Ranch sauce.


2. Strawberry Soda….my love for it is BACK! I loved it with Quinn and often find myself HAVING to have it. Matt has already made special stops for me because the restaurant he grabbed food at didn't have it. What a good husband. Wanna Fanta!? I DO!

Fanta3. Whataburger’s chicken strips WITH their honey mustard…if you don’t have the honey mustard, I don’t want it! It’s SOOOO good! Whataburger 4. Beer Salt…yep, you probably bought it as a kid in little packets at the convenient store. I have this bottle and pour it into my hand and lick! Between this and my growing love for pickles, I think I have my salt intake covered! twang

Funny, right!?

Today, we went to the doctor and they reminded me that I’m almost DONE with you! Even though I can’t imagine NOT being aware of that, it was music to my ears. Because of you, our sweet baby had a SUPER loud heartbeat and everything looked great. Other than that, the greatest news was that I have only gained 1 pound! So, I guess I won’t talk too badly about you!

So, as I experience my last week and a half with you, I ask that you’ll continue to show me mercy and keep growing that baby as perfectly as you have been! (with the help of God, of course!) …I look forward to saing cest la vie until the next time I decide to welcome you into my world again! :)

Your {almost} friend,



kristin fulghum said...

woo hoo! you're almost there. i love the cravings.

Kimberly said...

hang in there and try to enjoy the last week. time goes so quickly and you'll be holding that sweet miracle sooner than you will know.

Brianna said...

This cracks me up because I too loved Subway with all my pregnancies (it was the only thing I could seem to keep down for months and months) and wanted the exact same sandwich with oil and vinegar except dipped in their spicy Southwest dressing. Yay to (almost) the end of the first trimester. Before you know it you will be finding out if you will be adding more blue to your home and or going crazy with the pink!