Sunday, November 29, 2009

“It’s not cool, it’s pretty! …” –Big Brother Quinn


On Tuesday, as we were headed out of town for Thanksgiving, we stopped off at Dr. Webster’s office so that we could see our baby for the first time. I must admit that I was a nervous wreck all day! I just wanted to see (and hear) that precious little flashing light and know that everything was ok.

So, thePoeFam3 walked up the oh so familiar stairs and waited in the oh so familiar waiting room until it was our turn. Quinn proudly sported his Big Bro T and played with Lightning McQueen as we waited.

When they called our name, first stop was the “tt” station. Gotta love peeing in a cup. Then, blood pressure, weigh-in (not too bad yet!), and into the room.

Dr. Webster laughed and said some funny things about how it didn't take us long (since I visited with her last month) and whisked us away to the sono room.

My nervousness must have been pretty obvious, because Carrie, the sono lady, even said that I wasn’t acting myself. …

But, after the lights went off, and I looked at the screen, all was well! Quinn was mesmerized and so excited to see the blob baby. Matt held him as he silently watched that little flashing heart beat. Even thought it really looked nothing like a baby, it was the sweetest moment. The heartrate was 131. (Quinn’s was VERY different!) Then, she turned on the sound (they didn’t have that with Q this early) and we got to hear that amazing sound!!! Tears. Relief. Happiness.

Baby's FIrst Picture 004

Dr. Webster quickly ran through all of the pregnancy dos and don'ts and gave me my “congrats, you’re pregnant” package! My due date is July 10th instead of the 11th, so I was one day further along than I had calculated! YESSS! She said that she loves it when one of her "favorites” gets pregnant again, because that means 9 months of fun! :) (I think she’s talking about Matt!! ha!)

Matt thinks the baby looks like a dragon coming out of a wall.
Quinn thinks it’s pretty, not cool! (so, it MUST be a girl!…watch the video)
And, I think he/she’s perfect!

Whew!!! I’m so happy and look forward to checking on the little one again in another month! Family of Four, here we come!!!


Mary said...

So precious! Congrats on crossing that big hurdle of hearing/seeing baby for the first time! I'm sorry (i think on FB) you mentioned you were sick. Hope it passes soon!!

I was much more sick with my girls by the way :)

S, J, B, & S said...

How exciting!!! Reading your post makes me look forward to being pregnant again - not anytime soon though {my hands are FULL}. Can't wait to follow your pregnancy via the blog!

Jaime said...

I'm so so happy for you! I know you're so excited. Prayers for you guys. Can't wait to read all about baby P. :)