Monday, November 30, 2009

Turkey Day

 Thanksgiving and More 035This Thanksgiving, we had the pleasure of being houseguests at Matt’s Mimi’s house. The Broyles Family and thePoeFam have always celebrated this holiday with the Poe’s. It used to be at great-grandma Charlsie’s pink house in Winters, Texas. But, now it seems to usually take place at Mimi’s in San Angelo. And, this year, I found myself thankful for lots of things…

THIS GUY…of course!!!!…Thanksgiving and More 015Thanksgiving and More 033

He brings more joy to our lives than I EVER could have imagined and I am so thankful to have him blessing us with his sweet little presence every day! …

Thanksgiving and More 041 Thanksgiving and More 042 Thanksgiving and More 043 Thanksgiving and More 044 Thanksgiving and More 045 Thanksgiving and More 046

I found myself thankful that I’m a Mommy! …of one and one on the way! What an indescribable blessing…Slickpaw's Thanksgiving 006 Slickpaw's Thanksgiving 007 I found myself thankful for my husband…the one that works so hard to provide for our family so that I can do my dream job…and loves me and our son unconditionally. …Slickpaw's Thanksgiving 010 Slickpaw's Thanksgiving 012 I found myself thankful for the sweet little heartbeat growing inside of me…and for the practice that Matt got thanks to sweet little girl cousins!!! :) ….Thanksgiving and More 047

I found myself thankful for family! ….Especially grandparents…and great-grandparents, too….

Thanksgiving and More 080Thanksgiving and More 063Thanksgiving and More 064Thanksgiving and More 094Thanksgiving and More 098Thanksgiving and More 068Thanksgiving and More 069Thanksgiving and More 071Thanksgiving and More 075

…and all of the things they do to entertain and make sure that my little man (and Baby Michael) are taken care of…Slickpaw's Thanksgiving 015Slickpaw's Thanksgiving 020Thanksgiving and More 056 Thanksgiving and More 059 Thanksgiving and More 060

….I found myself thankful for God's provision….especially food! And, Quinn agreed. As soon as “amen” was said, he announced, “I want a biscuit!” …Thanksgiving and More 049 …and Quinn LIVED In Mimi’s pantry for the 4 days we were there! He seemed to help himself and, thankfully, she didn’t mind! …

Thanksgiving and More 036Thanksgiving and More 037

(my good little eater)…Thanksgiving and More 050 Thanksgiving and More 051 Thanksgiving and More 052  

….And, I found myself thankful for laughter, for good times, for the fact that “I love you” and “Do you need to potty?” are the most commonly used phrases at my ‘place of work', for my home, for friends that care and encourage and for a growing relationship with my gracious Jesus Christ. And minus my first trimester yuckiness and the fact that Quinn didn’t want to sleep, It was a great Thanksgiving!!!…I am so thankful! ….untitled      Thanksgiving and More 077     Thanksgiving and More 099 Thanksgiving and More 103 Thanksgiving and More 106

We can only be said to be alive in

those moments when our hearts are

conscious of our treasures. 

~Thornton Wilder

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