Monday, October 05, 2009

Spider Man Loves Jesus, Too!

On Saturday we had another S.O.S. (Saturday of Service) with our church! ThePoeFam went to a food pantry, helped clean up a house and then to a “Jesus Loves You” picnic where many surrounding neighborhoods were invited to play, eat, get haircuts, do crafts and more! I love days like this and hope that Quinn is already understanding the importance of serving others and telling them about the love of Jesus. And, I pray that he always realizes that serving can be fun! …Take a look at our fun day!…SOS Oct 09 004 SOS Oct 09 009 SOS Oct 09 011  SOS Oct 09 016 SOS Oct 09 026SOS Oct 09 019 SOS Oct 09 022 SOS Oct 09 023SOS Oct 09 031 SOS Oct 09 038 SOS Oct 09 039 SOS Oct 09 044SOS Oct 09 076SOS Oct 09 061 SOS Oct 09 063 SOS Oct 09 072 SOS Oct 09 074  SOS Oct 09 077 SOS Oct 09 081

Whew! So much fun!!! Can’t wait ‘til the next one!

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Andrew said...

Quinn always get the coolest face paint.