Saturday, October 03, 2009


Slickpaw has a corvette.

So, because of that, he’s in the Big Country Corvette Club.

He even got me this cool shirt that matches his. Corvette shirts, dream video 016 Corvette shirts, dream video 015And, since he’s in that club, he and Mammer went on a big trip this week in their corvette.

And, guess who’s staying with us.

Silly Zoe. Garden MTM and Margie 024She loves me. She licks me all of the time. She’s very noisy, but I love her too!

And, she gets to stay with us until next weekend when Mammer and Slickpaw can come and pick her up.

I think she likes it here! (Shhh…don’t tell…but, I feed her my leftovers!!!)

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kelly said...

hey brittany :) i was just catching up on your cute blog & saw that your friend is on bedrest in the hospital :( last summer my good friend was in a similar situation - so rough! you're such a great friend for coming up there to do a craft with her - awesome! i don't know if you've heard of the "kniffty knitter looms", but they are pretty inexpensive (@ most big craft stores) & are an easy way to knit all kinds of things & could be a good thing to do in the hospital when you're BORED! i love using mine (you can make anything from a scarf, hat, small baby blanket...) & it just popped into my head that it might work for a bedrest mama!
happy week to you!