Saturday, October 31, 2009

Meet These Crazies…

Last Soccer & Halloween Party 058 …a Joe Jonas just strummin’ a song

Tigger with a bounce in his step

…a conductor with places to go

…a pirate with a treasure to hunt

…a cowboy with buddies to herd

…a football player with plays to call

…a Tom Cruse look-alike with “risky business” to plan

…and a golfer that is way above par!  Last Soccer & Halloween Party 061

{I think that this picture perfectly describes how Q felt about this little photo shoot!}

Last Soccer & Halloween Party 062 Last Soccer & Halloween Party 063Cara hosted the most fabulous Halloween playgroup!!! And, the boys had a great time just being themselves…but in costume!!! They were so cute and enjoyed way too many sweets!!!…Especially the ones that were used as bribery to get them all to sit still for the pic! :)

And, even though these wild cupcakes made an appearance… Last Soccer & Halloween Party 054

…this little sweet was the icing on our playgroup cake! Miss Ellie is the only girl in the bunch…and she’s already fulfilling her role as precious and girly!!! …Last Soccer & Halloween Party 072

Thanks, everyone, for the fun goodies and for the fun time!!!

Happy Halloween!

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Kara Wilson said...

What a fun, fun day we had with you guys! I just LOVE our little playgroup!!! Ellie loves being the only girlie girl in the bunch!!! Quinn looked precious (as always) in his football uniform!!! Love you!