Friday, September 04, 2009

Suited Up

Guess who got all suited up for his city league basketball playoffs on Tuesday night? And guess who played more than he warmed the bench? … You guessed it! … My man…the one that had ACL surgery a mere 3 months ago! And, he did great,  if I do say so myself! …He ran up and down the court and scored three-pointer after three-pointer. And, even though they lost the championship game in the third overtime, we were so proud. Quinn kept telling Matt, “Good try, Daddy! Good job! You did good job at playing basketball! Good try!” It was the sweetest! We’ve got a little exhorter on our hands! …And, we’re so glad that Daddy is {almost} back to normal!  Basketball, dining room 002 Daddy’s biggest fans!!!…Basketball, dining room 003 Basketball, dining room 005Basketball, dining room 009 Basketball, dining room 012 Basketball, dining room 007Basketball, dining room 014

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Nicki W. said...

our men are two peas...brent did the EXACT same thing right after he had acl surgery! crazy kids! i guess we can't take the adventure out of them :)