Friday, September 04, 2009

iPhone Rewind: Slickpaw Edition

Last time Mammer and Slickpaw were in town, I got a hold of Slickpaw’s iphone and emailed myself a few of his “only captured on phone” memories. I love ‘em! …

1. August 2009: Dancin’ with my baby in the Target shoe section…

Slickpaw's Phone1 2. July 2009: McKinney Trade Days…Slickpaw's Phone2 3. Spring 2009: Having a very serious conversation one morning in the playroom…Slickpaw's Phone3 4. Winter 2009: Shopping with Mammer…Slickpaw's Phone4 5. Summer 2009: Happily sporting a souvey that a friend brought from Disney World…Slickpaw's Phone5

6. Summer 2009: Wearing Slickpaw’s hat…and proud of it!…Slickpaw's Phone6

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