Thursday, September 17, 2009

Muffin Tin Munchies: Apples

Quinn's MTM
Today is Apple Day at our house! But, before I did my big post about our September Fun Day, I thought I’d show your Q’s lunch! I had MORE fun, once again, making his meal! Check it out…Apple Day First Half 030

Clockwise from top left:
1. A silly apple face…I got the idea from Parents magazine to use a melon baller to make “polka dot apples!” That’s how I did the eyes! :) And, he has marshmallow and pretzel hair, apple and M&M eyes, marshmallow nose and a peach gummy ring smile!

2. Apple yogurt in a hollowed out apple half!

3. An animal of sorts…made with the same “polka dot” technique as the face.

4. Dried apples

5. A peanut butter sandwich…with apple “bread”

6. An apple tree…made with PB, bread, pretzels, broccoli and skittles! Cute, huh? I got the idea from Her Cup Overfloweth. She gives a great tutorial on how to make your own! :)

Apple Day First Half 031 Apple Day First Half 033 Apple Day First Half 034 Apple Day First Half 035 Apple Day First Half 036 Apple Day First Half 037And, it was all washed down with apple juice, of course! :)


annalee said...

once again, PERFECT timing! we were planning an apple theme day next week. i love getting to use all your great ideas:)

Moore Minutes said...

You did an amazing job on ALL of this! I'm impressed. I am really enjoying your blog too. I like your title header A LOT!!

babyblooze liz said...

haha! I thought I remembered seeing that brilliant lil brocolli tree on - you creative mamas amaze me! where do you guys come up with these ideas?? Make the rest of us look bad ;)