Saturday, August 22, 2009

H-O-T at the Dallas Zoo

To wrap up our Five Senses Week, we headed to the Dallas Zoo. It had been almost a year since Quinn had been to the Zoo and I loved how much he loved it. He really enjoyed seeing all of the animals and would get excited when we would tell him what was coming next! I think going to the Zoo with your kids should be an annual thing…it’s so fun to experience it with them! …Dallas Zoo 013 The African penguins were one of our favorite things. They were so friendly and precious! They definitely put on a show for us…swimming and walking around. Dallas Zoo 015 Dallas Zoo 016 Dallas Zoo 017
Dallas Zoo 021

Another favorite was the gorillas. They are always so funny to me…so human-like. I was amazed that the Dallas Zoo has a gorilla that was born in 1957!!! I didn’t know they lived that long! WOW! We loved seeing their menu…and watching this guy act perturbed with all of us! Hilarious…Dallas Zoo 018  Dallas Zoo 024 Dallas Zoo 026 Dallas Zoo 028 Dallas Zoo 029 Dallas Zoo 031 Another crazy thing was the albino alligators. CREEPY! I had never seen one…and can guarantee that I saw one in the wild, I would COMPLETELY freak out! The exhibit that they had for them was new and REALLY cool…Cajun-like! …Quinn liked them…Dallas Zoo 037Dallas Zoo 035  Dallas Zoo 038 Dallas Zoo 040

After lunch (and after filling up our $7.00 souvenir cup for the 5th time…great investment, by the way), we headed to the Children’s Zoo. It’s super cute…but, Q wanted NOTHING to do with the little water area! He said, “No, my can’t go play in that! It’s too wet!!!” Then, when we found this fun raccoon log to crawl through, he wouldn’t do it until EVERY piece of dirt and mulch was wiped out! Good grief!!!!…

Dallas Zoo 042 Dallas Zoo 043

Dallas Zoo 044

Dallas Zoo 045 Dallas Zoo 049 Quinn was amazed by this cool prism. So pretty!…

Dallas Zoo 051 And, before we left, we rode the gorgeous carousel…as promised. Quinn has NEVER been a fan of carousels but was enamored by this one. He quickly chose the zebra and loved it the entire ride. Sweet love! …Dallas Zoo 053 Dallas Zoo 055Dallas Zoo 056 For a fun souvey, Quinn got a penny from one of those “flatten your penny’ machines. He thought it was cool…and was excited that he got the one with the elephant on it. I remember loving these as a kid too! …Dallas Zoo 065 Dallas Zoo 066 Even though it was H-O-T on this August, Dallas day, I loved spending it at the ZOO with my boys! What a fun memory! Dallas Zoo 067


Brandi said...

You are such a good mommy and I can tell you were a teacher!! AWESOME!!!!

babyblooze liz said...

I love the photo of your baby looking through the hole in the wood - such a perfect shot!