Saturday, August 22, 2009

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast. -John Gunther

Lately, we’ve been getting up on Saturday mornings and going to get donuts together. Matt is such a breakfast guy…he loves the FULL deal…eggs, bacon, coffee…but, because I’m a “junk” breakfast eater, and because Quinn is so entertained by it, he settles for a trip to Krispy Kreme. The first time we took Q, he was in awe of the donuts that were being made before his eyes. Now, when we pull up, he gets SO excited and can’t wait to get inside to choose his donut and which color of milk! (white, pink or brown!) It has quickly become a tradition that is precious to me…and I look forward to many Saturday morning breakfast’s to come! Dallas Zoo 001 Matt & Quinn saying “cheers” with their football donuts!…Quinn loves to “cheers” anything that is matching. It’s cute! …Dallas Zoo 002 Dallas Zoo 005 Dallas Zoo 006 Dallas Zoo 007 Dallas Zoo 010 Dallas Zoo 012


The Penuels said...

Love the football donuts...we do the same on Saturday mornings :)

Erin said...

what adorable pictures you were able to get!