Monday, July 27, 2009

Twenty-eight Months Old

…but who’s counting! Not me…not really anyway! I feel that I’m aware of the 27th every month, but it isn’t as big of a deal as it once was. The real birthday will always be worthy of a letter from momma…and maybe the half birthday too, but not every month anymore. I guess that just means that my baby is growing up. *sigh.* …But, I must share some of the recent cuteness that has been coming from this guy. Seriously, he CRACKS us up!!!Molly's Shower, Catamaran, etc. 028

*While swimming one day, he floated over to me, smiled his million dollar smile, and in the most precious high-pitched voice said, “Hiii-eee, sweet Momma!” I think I could have eaten him up.

*While playing with magnet letters, Quinn would find a letter, shout what it was, and then I would tell him a word that the letter started with. We did “M” for Momma, “D” for Daddy and so on! When we got to the “D,” and I told him that it was for Daddy, he RAN to show Daddy his letter. He was so proud! Then, he got to “T.” Immediately, he said, “LOOK! A T!!! I’LL GO SHOW THOMAS!!!!” And, off he ran to the playroom to show Thomas his letter! Sweetness!

*As Q was sitting on the potty and not feeling the greatest, he said, in the most pitiful voice, “My body’s sick…put some scream on it!” (scream=diaper rash cream) Bless him!

*One day, Quinn was just playing in his playroom and, out of the blue, while pulling his ears said, “I can’t take my ear off! It stays right here!”

*Daddy took Q out with him one evening, and when Q was told to come and tell me ‘bye’ he ran up to me and said, “Bye bye, Sweetheart!” What a mess!

 Molly's Shower, Catamaran, etc. 029 Molly's Shower, Catamaran, etc. 030 Molly's Shower, Catamaran, etc. 031 Molly's Shower, Catamaran, etc. 032

*Two-Five has been busy, and it hasn’t been on Quinn’s agenda for Two-Five to be busy. One day, while I had spent a good amount of time working, he came up to me and said, “No work, Momma! No be busy! No check you e-mail!” I had to stop and play until naptime! :)

*Quinn got a very special piece of mail from his buddy, Caden. It was the first thing that he’s gotten that I’ve actually given him to open. When he opened it, he said, “This is MY mail! My not want to je-cycle it!” (recycle it) Precious little man! Makin’ his Mammer proud!

*While Quinn was hugging a stuffed animal monkey, he said, “He doesn’t make noises. He hugs!” Which is strange for one of his toys to not make noises. Cute.

*At VBS Family Fun Night, Quinn slid down the slide and said, “Watch out for the puppy poop!” Obviously, church doesn’t have any puppy poop…I don’t have a clue where he’d slide and have to watch out for puppy poop!?!?! (oops!?) Molly's Shower, Catamaran, etc. 124

Molly's Shower, Catamaran, etc. 125 Molly's Shower, Catamaran, etc. 126 Molly's Shower, Catamaran, etc. 127He brings more fun and more laughter to our house than we ever could have imagined! What a precious blessing he is!

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