Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain. ~Author Unknown

Puddles, Leggos 001 Those rain boots that we bought for our sweet family pictures in April got put to good use last night. Quinn loves watching the rain, and since there was no lightning, I found it the perfect time to have some fun with my sweet little man. So, we grabbed the boots and ran out into our driveway. But, the puddles weren’t big enough! So, we danced and splashed and ran in the alley puddles for almost an hour! Quinn would belly laugh as I would chase him and as he would chase me. “Again, again,” he would say! And, we did it again and Again and AGAIN! We were soaked and didn’t care! It was a blast and a precious memory that I will never EVER forget! It taught me that I should be spontaneous more often! Puddles, Leggos 005 Puddles, Leggos 012 Puddles, Leggos 014 Puddles, Leggos 019Puddles, Leggos 011Puddles, Leggos 021 Puddles, Leggos 023 Puddles, Leggos 024 Puddles, Leggos 025 Puddles, Leggos 027 Puddles, Leggos 030 Puddles, Leggos 032 Puddles, Leggos 036 The going in part was not fun! He would have stayed out there for lots longer! I had to promise that we’d splash again soon! Our rainboots are waiting for us! …Puddles, Leggos 037


schwalka said...

Only knowing you from what I read on your blog, I have to compliment you. It seems that you are so good at making Quinn's childhood so magical. that is one of my goals for my little boys, so I love seeing you in action!

Unknown said...

Your pictures are always AMAZING! What a sweet, happy boy you have!

Noelle said...

My boys would have loved this....we don't have rain boots, but we have crocs!