Monday, June 29, 2009

When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. -When Harry Met Sally

   Floaties & Kaylynn's Wedding 063

On Saturday, my precious Kaylynn got married. Kaylynn and I have known each other for almost 7 years…and in those seven years, I have watched her grow into the most amazing woman. It all started when I met her during our first Sunday at Matt’s new job. I had been married for 3 short months and was very anxious about being a “youth pastor’s wife!” I didn’t feel qualified to be the person that young girls were supposed to look up to…and wasn’t sure how a room full of teenage girls would feel about me. But, during that Sunday, I remember this precious little sixth grade girl walking up to me and treating me like we had known each other for always. She, despite her young age, was ministering to me in such an amazing way…and our friendship grew from there. … I always looked forward to seeing Kaylynn…and knew that she would always be excited to see me.

Over the course of the next 6 years, I would watch Kaylynn grow from a snaggle toothed little pre-teen, to the most amazing “Bible Babe” that would become the wife to Mr. Wil Stone! Even though, I must admit, that the news of their engagement was a shock to my system, it didn’t take me long to realize that Kaylynn and Wil were meant to be…and that they were going to make each other so very happy!

So, Saturday came…and I watched my sweet little “favorite” say “I DO!” And, I was so privileged to stand beside her as a bridesmaid for the event. She was stunning and calm {for the most part!:)} ….and so ready to walk down that isle! And, now, she is Mrs. Kaylynn Stone…and I can’t wait to continue our sweet relationship through this next chapter in her life. … I truly wish her all of the happiness in the world! Floaties & Kaylynn's Wedding 062Floaties & Kaylynn's Wedding 055  Matt was the “mature” pastor that married these two!…Floaties & Kaylynn's Wedding 065 Floaties & Kaylynn's Wedding 068Quinn loved Kaylynn’s flowers…I think he was trying to pick one here! … And, he was quick to give her some very sweet lovin’…Sorry, Wil! :) … Floaties & Kaylynn's Wedding 072 Floaties & Kaylynn's Wedding 073 Floaties & Kaylynn's Wedding 074 Floaties & Kaylynn's Wedding 076 Floaties & Kaylynn's Wedding 082Floaties & Kaylynn's Wedding 121







Mr. and Mrs. Stone…

Floaties & Kaylynn's Wedding 083The precious Daddy/Daughter dance…Floaties & Kaylynn's Wedding 096Floaties & Kaylynn's Wedding 104

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My little man was so sweet…Shannon kept him during the wedding and he was very concerned about Matt and I! :) He could see us but didn’t know why he couldn’t “hold” us! As soon as I got to him after the wedding, he said, “Hold you NOW, Momma!” … He warmed up a little to the dance floor…but wasn't the ham that his Daddy tends to be. … At least he got to lead the “train” for Come on Ride That Train…

Floaties & Kaylynn's Wedding 141

One of the funniest moments (that happened more than once) was when I would watch Quinn look for me in a sea of yellow dresses. He would think it was me, look up to see it was not, and then continue to spin in circles until he found me! …I’m sure he was wondering why ALL of these girls were wearing his Momma’s dress! :) …Floaties & Kaylynn's Wedding 148 Floaties & Kaylynn's Wedding 153 Floaties & Kaylynn's Wedding 157

Leaving to sparkers…
Floaties & Kaylynn's Wedding 166Floaties & Kaylynn's Wedding 171Can’t wait to see you livin’ out that Happily Ever After, Mr. and Mrs. Stone!

We love you!!!


Mary said...

What a beautiful wedding! I love the picture of you and Quinn near the end of the post--y'all need that one blown up for keeps! Why do we say, "blown up?"

Tiffany said...

Great pictures! Congratulations and good luck from one Marine wife to a new Marine wife. :)