Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Surprise

rain 012                       rain 018rain 017

Dear Rain,

Thank you for coming to visit! I think, because it has been 100 degrees everyday, that I loved you even more than normal. When my mommy told me that you were here, I couldn’t wait to go outside and feel you on my skin. (I didn’t even want my “juh-brella!”) I had to have my shirt off right away so that I could feel you better. I loved to pretend to shower in your water and I loved that you painted my pictures so beautifully. So, even if you don’t come back for a while, thanks for coming to see me! It was a welcomed surprise and I’ll look forward to the next time. 

Your friend,

rain 002rain 005 rain 009rain 004  rain 008   rain 013 rain 014 rain 016


Diana said...

so fun, he is so cute to watch grow up!

Kara Wilson said...

Those pictures of Quinn are SO PRECIOUS! This pregnant mama was so happy to see the rain and the "cold front" that came through, too!!!! Love ya!