Friday, June 05, 2009

Brittneythew Chapter Six: Matt Decides to Sic ‘em Bears

So…I didn’t drop the ball completely! I’m back to finish telling our story…but I have many chapters to go. If you need a recap, click here! …Now, on to Chapter Six…

As the next few days crept by, I fell more in more in love with this crazy boy! Seriously…everything about him impressed me! And, my heart hurt for him as he said goodbye to his church in Abilene. It wasn’t easy for him, but he knew it was the right decision. But, on April 30th, he moved to Waco! Life couldn’t have been greater! Since our “relationship” had always been long distance, the fact that he was minutes away was more than I could stand!

On the day that he moved, I had the pleasure of meeting Matt’s Dad and his “Uncle” Ron. We ate at Ninfa’s and had a great time. I loved that I wasn’t nervous at all. The only uncomfortable thing I remember was if I should/shouldn’t order a margarita. They did, but I didn’t. Looking back, it’s silly…but I wanted to make a good impression! :)

That same evening, Matt asked me if I was falling in love with him. I think my heart skipped a beat. I don’t remember what I said, but I remember knowing that I was.

The next {almost} month was a dream. I was finished with classes and Matt lived in Waco. We spent so much time together…eating out, playing UNO, watching movies, walking around MCC, going to the Zoo, meeting Matt’s MiMi at Fazoli’s when she drove through town (and taking pictures at Truett with her), watching basketball (I know, ME watching basketball)and lots of time walking around campus. We’d sit on the famous Baylor swings and watch the fireflies. We’d pick up Taco C and eat it by the fountain. It was all so fun. I soaked up Baylor as much as I could…and fell more in love each day.

(My apartment at the time…I shared a room with my sweet friend, Lair!}…IMG_0005 IMG_0006{Our very last class at BU…I can almost guarantee that I have on a black short shirt with that T shirt!}… IMG_0007 {That famous swing that we spent so many hours on}…IMG_0008 IMG_0009

And, the things Matt said definitely didn’t help. In my journal I have written some of the things that he told me during that May of 2002…

"I’m not worried about spending time with you now because I  feel that I’m going to always have you.”

“If for some reason you were to die, I would take that as I sign that I’m not supposed to get married.”

Then, on May the 18th, 2002, I graduated from Baylor University. My mom, dad and boyfriend were there to cheer me on. It was such a special day…and so strange that family pictures included Matt Poe. Even though it felt a little awkward, it felt right too.

IMG_0004 IMG_0010 IMG_0011 IMGAfter graduation, I stayed in Waco for a few more days…packing and enjoying my beautiful Baylor for a few more days. It was crazy that there would be no more living with Sharee, no more functions, no more Phi Chi parties, no more school. I cried a lot knowing that it would never be the same but was excited for the new stage in my life. IMG_0001A few days before I moved home, while sitting in Matt’s car near the Suspension Bridge, he told me that he loved me. I was shocked…and didn’t say it back. I was so scared of getting hurt and was determined to stay guarded. But, my words…or lack of words…didn’t change how I was feeling. I loved him too.

{One of my favorite views in Waco…driving on 35 and seeing the Suspension Bridge and the Brazos. I loved it every time I passed! I took this one while driving during my last week at Baylor!} IMG_0002 Coming Soon:
Chapter Seven: Flip Flop


Laura said...

I wondered where these stories went. Looking forward to more!

amy said...

This post was such a flashback...y'all's apartment, the last day of class...what a great reminder of those last, sweet, wonderful Baylor days.

campers said...

awww....i remember that room...and it is so fun to see those pics again! I love reading these...even though I know the stories!!! I think I'm going to try to recap "us" this summer!

annalee said...

i love the picture of you looking at him after graduation. too sweet.