Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Not Over YET!!!

After so much celebrating, you'd think my little man would have been exhausted, but NO NO! A 2 hour nap got him ready for the next round! ... When he woke, we went to eat at our favorite little Mexican restaurant by our house and Q enjoyed LOTS of hot sauce, fajita chicken, beans, rice and coloring!

Then, we came home to open MORE presents and blow out the candles on the cake that Mammer made him! I was so impressed that he actually blew out his candles!!! (Even though he had a little help from Daddy on the second one!!!)

He got so many cool things from his grandparents and from us!!! He loved his popping lawn mower from Nana and Pawpaw and his cool backpack "like Daddy's" that we got him! We laughed hysterically at how disinterested his was in the cool clothes that he got! He would take it out of the bag, not even look at it and throw it aside!!! I can remember feeling the same way about getting clothes so I can't blame him! :)

So, after some cake and lots of birthday squeezes from everyone, I took Q to his room as a BIG 2 year old and rocked him for a while before I put him in his bed...He had to have his Thomas hat before I put him down...sweet little love!!! I told him to get a really good night's sleep because tomorrow we would be celebrating some more at his PARTY!!! What a perfect day for my precious little that I will never, ever forget!

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