Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's a's a plane...

Yesterday, Shannon and I loaded up all of the car seats in my car and headed to Grapevine to the DFW observation area to watch planes coming in to land. We met lots of friends from playgroup to run around and watch the super cool planes! Quinn loved it!...He loved the planes...he loved being with his buddies...and he loved getting filthy in the mud that he just couldn't seem to stay away from!{I think Amy got a pic!} ...Overall, it was super fun! It's a place that I predict we'll be going back to again and again!

Best little buddies just hangin' out together...

Sweet Cruse spotting a plane....

Quinn and Porter getting SUPER MUDDY! Boys will be boys!

Then, after the planes, we headed to Grapevine Mills to have lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. The boys were all so cute...a little scared but mesmerized by the animals and noises! Q was bright eyed (and shoeless...due to the mud mishap) for the majority of our visit! ... And, I laughed out loud when he apologized to his dinosaur chicken nuggets before he ate it...."Sorry, dinosaur!"
The boys were tired and quiet on the ride home. Cruse fell asleep and Q insisted that he have his "that" while he watched Thomas! ... And, since we've been home, Q has talked about the airplanes and the "animals...scary...not real" over and over. He also keeps talking about how Cade and Cruse were in his car! So COOL! We were so thankful for the beautiful day that allowed us to have so much fun with our friends!


Laura said...

I love that he apologized to the dinosaur nugget! What fun to see all those planes! I'm amazed at how boys are just naturally drawn to trains and planes.

Angela B said...

Brittney I could not find an email for you so all I can do is post this prayer request here. I hope you do not mind.

You can delete it once you get it.

I am writing to you because my 18 year old son Josh has been sick for a couple months now. I do not have time to go into detail but he had what they characterized as an intestinal bug for 3 weeks. After seemingly getting that under control he started having what he explained as tightness in his chest and Throat with shortness of breath. We took him to a Cardiologist in Memphis, Tn today and after listening to him and doing a routine check he has ordered some tests. He said that there is definitely some sounds in there that point to Heart Issues that could have been caused by the virus.

Josh was born with a genetic disorder called Hemi-Facial Microsomia and has gone through a lot. God has brought him a long way and I am not about to accept another one of Satan's plans to destroy him. I would love to share his story with you sometime when I am more clear headed and have time.

He is graduating High School in 5 weeks and has already been accepted to Mississippi State University as an Honor Student. He has great plans and this is just another attack of the devil.

I believe my stumbling upon your blog was no happenstance but ordained by God. I can see you are a TRUE and faithful follower of Christ. I believe God knew I would need someone like you and your mighty prayer warriors to bombard heaven with your prayers for Josh. So I am asking that you contact all your prayer warriors and ask them to go to prayer for Josh.

His tests begin tomorrow (Friday Mar 20th) at 1 P.M. and will continue all afternoon. I am praying that by the time they are done Josh will have already been HEALED. If you can do this for me I would so appreciate it.

Angela Bridges
Grenada, Ms

Donnell Days said...

Such a fun day for the boys...I am cracking up that Quinn apoligized to his chicken nugget...that is precious!!