Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bug Day: Our March Fun Day

After I spent last night getting my basket organized and lots of little cardboard butterflies hung, "Bug Day" started with a bang. When Q woke up, I reminded him that today was bug day and he was SO excited. When he saw the 20 something butterflies hanging all over the house, he couldn't contain himself. He gasped and said "BUG DAY" over and over! If that doesn't make the work worth it, nothing will! He "jumped" and tried to hit each one...so cute! Then it was breakfast time...and what better than a mini pancake caterpillar. He ate every bite...but his favorite was the chocolate limb that the caterpillar was walking on! MMM MMM!
After breakfast, it was on to a game that my mom has done in her Preschool Sunday School class since I was a member. You put a long sock over a tin can and let the kids fish out an item. I put one set of plastic bugs inside and let Quinn take out one at a time. When he got out the bug, he had to find his matching friend. He wanted to do it again and again.

Then we painted egg carton bugs! Quinn loved mixing the paint colors!

After the mess, it was bath time. I was so excited to share with Quinn my love for these things... Did anyone else love these as a kid?...He threw each of them in the bath and then got in to watch them magically turn into bugs!
He was so excited to see what each one would become...After bath, he put on his "Super Fly" T and we read some books. My favorites were In the Garden (I had it on tape from my teaching days and it is SO cute!)...
And, of course, The Very Hungry Caterpillar! I collected all of the plastic food that Q had that matched the book and he acted it out with his beloved Clarance! He had so much fun feeding the caterpillar as I read the story... He even had to try a few of them for himself...and, once it was safe, gave it to the caterpillar too!

This was his favorite page...it was always my favorite page too! ... I loved the pickle and the sucker!
After that, we loaded up the car to go on a little field trip to find bugs with Daddy at the field behind the church. We watched "A Bugs Life" on the way and Q held on tight to his bug house. When we got there, we looked and looked for bugs. Daddy was a big help! He caught all 3 of the bugs that we found...even though Q and I were trying really hard too!

Lunch was fun...a butterfly sandwich...

...and then painting a butterfly mask...

and his monthly little wooden circle...he used his fingerprints and I added the details...

He did such a great job at both of these bug games...the bug sticker "I Spy" game

...and making his name into a caterpillar!

When Daddy got home from work, Quinn was excited to show off all of his BUG things from the day!
Quinn's dinner included the classic "Ants on a Log" and a fun Spider cookie! They were both a hit!!!

After dinner, we loaded up the car to go to Daddy's flag football game! There we did our last bug activity...a bug egg hunt! I "hid" them and he had to go find them!...

...but, at this point, he was really more interested in being a part of Daddy's team! So cute!!!

As we were driving to the church, Q looked at me and said, "Bug Day is fun!" I'm so glad he enjoys our fun days as much as I do!


Paperlicious Girl said...

Looks like you had a day of fun with your cutie! If you get a chance check out paperliciousgirls.blogspot.com for great personalized gifts for him!

The Penuels said...

So cute of course :) I get so many fun ideas from you!!!