Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Twenty-Two Months Old

Oh little man,
I'm so in love with you! You are more and more fun every day...I'm amazed at how much you learn each day and how you soak in everything around you. You make me laugh and bring joy to our world that we never knew we were missing...

I love the way...
*you want "hucks" all of the time! No matter when or where...even the most unglamourous don't care! You can't get close enough and we love it!

*you get so concerned about my boo boo's...especially if there's a band-aid on it. You say "ouch, Mommy, hurt" and kiss it 1,000 times. I love seeing your compassion!
*you say the words "choc-o-let" (chocolate), "mah-moly" (guacamole) and hamburger (just Steve Martin in the Pink Panther) They're my favorites right now and I try to get you to say them over and over.

*you say you love us...even when you're not prompted to do so! You usually say "lub you, too!" So sweet.

*you have your own little will sing (in your own little way) Jesus Loves Me, Bayou Baby, Ring On It, ABC's, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and 3 or 4 songs from your Bible Verse CD. I love to hear your little singing voice.
*you're so observant of the world around you. When we pull up to Chick-fil-a, you say "chicken." When we pull up to Taco Bueno, you say "beans/rice." When we pull up to Tom Thumb, you immediately start talking about the car and watching the "Gee-ins boobie" (Backyardagains Movie) while you ride. When we drive up to Whataburger, you say "french fries." When we get close to the church, you say "See Daddy" and when we get close to our house you say "go home!" I'm amazed at your little memory!

* you remind us to pray. Recently, while we were all already eating, you said, "kank ku God!" It broke our hearts! We immediately stopped eating and thanked God for our food. You also like it when I pray for you before bedtime and will say, "pray, Mommy" when we start rocking! I love your precious heart!

* you know that things like dinosaurs and the "cary" animals on the carousel are "not real!" You say it over and over...I think to make yourself feel better!
*you'll look at me and say "gorgeous!" It started when Daddy, Mammer and Slickpaw taught it to you after I got my hair cut, and it still melts my heart! ...even though I know you're biased! :)

*you try so hard to be compliant. When we tell you it's time to go to bed, it's time to change your diaper, or anything else like that, you say "OK" in the sweetest little voice. You don't always mean O.K., but at least you're trying!

*you soak up everything we teach you...Bible verses, letters, things that you read in books, etc. It amazes me how much you love to learn!

*you talk to your shoes. When I'm putting them on you say, "come on shoe" because you hate being patient while I put them on!
*you're independent but still need me. For example, you want to feed yourself, but often you'll hand something to me and say "break it, Mamma!"

*you help clean up! You love to wipe things down, you love to put up your blocks, and you're so proud of yourself when you put your books back on the shelf. You're becoming a good little helper!

*you're a good eater! It may not be the healthiest menu, but you'll try almost anything once. You'll look at it and say "try it" and often spit it right back out. At least you try! *you like doors to be shut! You'll see an open door at stores, at home, or at church and say "shut it" while walking to it. You want it to be closed! I often have to tell you that they want it open, and then you give me that sweet compliant, "OK."

*you go ni-night! It used to be such a struggle. I'd rock you to sleep and tip-toe out of the room. Now, when I rock you for two seconds, you say "go bed down!" You're growing up, I'm afraid! It's bittersweet, for sure!

*you say "be safe" when we buckle you in your car seat.

*you treat your friends. You're so sweet to them! And, you know everyone's friends, people at church! You remember them after being told only a handful of times!

*you say "mamma" after almost everything ... "Help you, Mamma...Huck you, Mamma...Own (Open) it, mamma...Read it, Mamma!" *you play so well by yourself...most of the time anyway. It's so cute to watch you when you don't know it...loving your train table or looking at books.

*you try so hard to jump. You're almost there!

*you obey! And the way you say ..."Obey Mommy...Obey Daddy...good boy" when you know you've done something right!

*you LOVE sports! I don't think there's any way that we won't be attending many sporting events in your love to watch them and you love to play, basketball, football, golf.


Mary said...

Such a sweet post! I feel like I know him after that :) I'd love to meet y'all sometime with Jody and Carrie!

Matt Burk Music Studio said...

So sweet. I know I shouldn't make this about me... I mean, it is your blog, but for me to read these now makes me wonder what my little boy (I love saying that!) will be like at 22 months. So fun!!

Jessica and Matt said...

Shoot! I posted under the studio's login again. :-/