Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Meeting Tristan Dean Forman

Because of our stupid serious of unfortunate events (and, because he made his debut into this world a month early) I missed Tristan's birthday and was just sick about it! I was DYING to come home and meet him, and then had to wait for the sickness to run its, FINALLY, on Monday, I got to snuggle with that precious 2 week old little man. Sharee, my sweet RMY, is such a good momma and I love how much she's cherishing every moment of her beautiful baby! ...And, he truly is beautiful...from his tiny little toes (Quinn's favorite part) to his full, pink lips! He's gunna break some hearts one day! ... And I love him and his momma so much! ...
P.S. Quinn says thank you for the ridiculous amounts of Halloween candy he ate, for letting him play with Tristan's new toys...and he also apologizes for the stinky gift he left in Tristan's room! :/

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Sharee Forman said...

So fun! Tristan is so glad he finally got to meet Mister Quinn...he promises to play more in just a few months! :) And THANK YOU for the adorable 25 shirt...we wore it yesterday and Tristan looked like the coolest little guy...we love that shirt! :) Thanks for loving on him RMY!! :)