Saturday, October 25, 2008


So many things about being a mommy are surreal to me. Even though my baby is almost 19 months old, Matt and I still look at each other and talk about how amazed we are be the fact that Quinn is OUR baby...that WE are a mommy and a daddy to a little man! It still baffles me some days!!! ... One of the most surreal moments lately has been seeing my little man playing with MY toys at MY house! {Well, it's not really my house, but it's where I was brought home from the hospital and where Q's Grammer and Slickpaw still live!} When we were in Abilene, I caught him playing with "Bucky" (a toy that he loves and calls by name OVER and over!) and saw my HUGE baby pics in the background and just had to capture the moment. Surreal and sweet.

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