Thursday, September 04, 2008


I thought I'd share some of the things I've recently come across that are pure greatness! ENJOY!

1. Raz Pack: My sweet friend, Amy, had this at our house for playgroup last week and I LOVED it! Isn't it great! I always have two or three containers in my they're all together! What a great idea!!!

2. Baby Bundles: I saw these in a store in Downtown McKinney and got on line and ordered one right away. I never got one of those Diapees and Wipees things...but I love this so much more. The wipes are covered and the diapers go in the elastic straps on the back! Genius! LOVE IT! And, it's sooo cute! 3. Pampers Codes: How many of you knew that you can enter a code from your Pampers diapers/wipes and then cash them in at Pamper's little store. I have 78 points and when I have 100, I get a 30 page Shutterfly book for free! So fun!4. The Shack: If you haven't read this book, you should! It's so great and gives a really cool and different perspective! I have so many pages tagged with lines that I would love to read over and over again!

5. Don't Make Me Count to Three: I've really been wanting to start studying discipline since I {sometimes} have a little stinker on my hands. This book gives a Biblical perspective of discipline that is often hard to swallow, but I know it's the Truth! Some parts of it don't apply to my 17 month old, but I know it will very soon! I'm not quite finished with it, but I like what I've read...and isn't the cover cute?

6. My Little Yellow Taxi: This has to be one of the most precious children's books I've ever seen. I can't believe all of the things this book can can take the key out to "start" the car, you put gas in the tank with a gas pump and so much more! It's AMAZING!!!
7. Celine Dion's Miracle CD: Where have I been? This CD is so sweet and so many of the songs give me chills! Makes you love being a Mommy even more! 8. This YouTube Video: This is our youth worship leader! He and some other guys from our youth group wrote this song at church camp!!! Tell me that those lyrics don't describe your middle school/high school church camp experience perfectly!!? So funny!

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