Thursday, September 04, 2008

New POSTS like CRAZY!!!


The Rodriguez Crew said...

oh how I live for these bulk updates! Those were such fun to read, and that Q just can't GET any cuter?! I am LOVING 9 months, but he gets me pretty darn excited for what's to come. :)

And thank you for the list of "hot items!" I always end up with stuff you've suggested ... keep em comin.

the thorntons said...

Loved catching up on all the new posts!

I think the girl in the picture from Jenn's shower was named Hayley, not Leslie. I don't know her though, so I could be wrong.

Love you!!

The Leonard Four said...

hi brittney...i've been checking your blog regularly (okay, stalking almost daily) for several months now. long story - i was stalking summer spooner's blog (she’s friends with my sis-in-law), got my collage roommate, paige (the rodriguez crew) onto summers, paige found y'all off of summer's faves list, and told me to check out your blog...AND i've been hooked ever since. :)

your sweet little family is adorable! just wanted to finally drop you a note and say that i love keeping up with your fam and LOVED all of the new updates – i’ll be grabbing several items off of your list of goodies! thanks for letting me “stalk” your blog!!!

:) jodi leonard

The Ralston Family said...

Thanks a ton for the donation. I will need to get the logo's code so that we can post it on the site! Also, a pic of the T-shirt you are donating would be great too! Please email is to