Sunday, September 28, 2008

Quinn is ONE...and a half!!!!

Yesterday, Quinn turned one and a half. We've all be there...when being an age and a half was definitely different than just being an age. So...since we celebrated last year, we had to celebrate this momentous occasion! We started the day with a yummy family breakfast at Cafe Brazil. Then, off to the mall for a bit of fun and a food court lunch. After lunch, we came home for a nap and to await the arrival of our new friend, Jackson. (post to come) After Jackson's mommy picked him up, we loaded up the car again and headed to Toys R Us. Q walked up and down every isle looking for the perfect half bday gift and "he" finally decided on a little work bench that does all sorts of cute things! ... Then, we headed to another mall and had a yummy dinner at Chili's, a little shopping, and a cookie cake finale! What a fun, half birthday!

{18 month post coming soon!}


campers said...

Happy 18 months sweet boy!!!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

I love this tradition you have started for Quinn's 1/2 Birthday. That cookie cake looks so yummy!

Happy 1/2 Birthday Quinn!

Jessica and Matt said...

You are truly out of control. He even got a gift on his half bday?? This is really funny to me. I'll be honest--I could defo go for the cookie right now.

Btw--those look like iPhone pics. It's a good option, in a pinch!

As crazy as it is, Happy 1/2 bday, Quinn. ;)

The Bordelon Family said...

What a lucky boy to celebrate a 1/2 birthday with a cookie cake... I love it! :)

Tricia said...

Happy 1/2 Birthday to Quinn! I really want a piece of that cookie cake RIGHT NOW!!! Yum!

Jackson is probably was his little head bump but we didn't end up taking him in. It wasn't the cheerios--don't worry! Jeff and the kids were watching football yesterday and Jackson said "Qwinnnn!" in a very excited voice. I think your little guy made an impression on Jack : ) Tell him that seeing a football game reminds Jack of him.

Michelle said...

Happy 18 months Quinn!
Hey, EVERY number is special AND there should always be an occasion for a cookie cake and gift!