Wednesday, September 03, 2008

"Go, DUDE, Go!!!"

I'm in TROUBLE! Quinn is such a little sports fan! He LOVES sitting in the red chair with Matt and screaming at the football game. He'll yell..."Go go GO DUDE...Run RUN!" while pointing at the TV (see above picture) and proudly yells "ballball" everytime he sees a football, football on TV or anything football related in his room. I think that the Cowboy's game is what really got him started and now there's NO turing back! Looks like I'm going to have lots of "me" time while the guys watch the game...because you all know that I couldn't care less!!! :)
All of the guys...Matt, Quinn and Krozby...hanging out on the red chair watching the game!

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Jessica and Matt said...

So cute! And look at Krozby. :) I haven't seen him in AGES. What a sweetie.