Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Fantastic Four

On Tuesday night, the Two-Five basketball team had their last night of games. They had an awesome season (only loosing one game) and had made it to the playoffs. Last week was the first round, and the team they were to play had to forfeit...so, on to the next round. As Tuesday went on, our team of 6 (we used to have more but lots of our players had to go back to college) quickly dwindled to 5 (due to a work fantasy football draft...dumb excuse) ... and then to 4 (due to sickness)! All of that to say...our team was about to play with four players and my hopes were very low. They were playing the one team that they had lost to...and that team had NINE players!

As the game started, I noticed that our Fantastic Four was holding their own. So, being one of the three Two-Five fans (Quinn and Brooks' girlfriend were the other two), I started to cheer and get that nervous/excited feeling! Quinn was such a precious little fan...yelling "GO GO...YAY...BALL...DADDY!!!" I'm sure it motivated Matt! :) The game remained close...and after lots of great plays that I would do a horrible job of trying to recap...we WON!!!! I couldn't believe it!!! It was so fun and I was so proud of them!

Then, was the shocking news...they had to play again...in the finals...RIGHT THEN!!!! They were completely WORN OUT and laughed at the fact that they had another game to play! So, with heads held high, they played in the finals and after a very valiant effort, lost by 11 points.

Thankfully they still got a "Runners-up" plaque...they deserved it...and the winning team even gave them their left over "Champions" t-shirts! What sportsmanship! ... and what a fun night of basketball! Way to go Two-Five!!!

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