Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Welcome Home, Daddy!

Forgive me, Sarah, for even thinking that it's ok to say this....but, I feel that after Matt's 8 days away, I got the tiniest glimpse of what it would be like to have your husband away at war. He was away in a not so safe place and I only got to talk to him when he would call. (Which was usually once a day!...thankfully!) Being here without him felt like FOREVER...I swear that he must have been gone for at least a month! And, the reunion was SO sweet! I loved waiting for him at the airport, with sign and baby in hand, and seeing him for the first time was super fun! Quinn and I were both "goo-goo eyed" at our Daddy for a long while and couldn't stop smiling because he was HOME! (And it didn't hurt that he was sporting my favorite "Matt Poe" look...super tan, scruffy, bandanna, H-O-T!!!)... I truly have a new found appreciation for those sweet wives that say goodbye to their husbands as they fight for our country... I couldn't do it!

It was also fun to see everyone else so excited to see thier loves...The Webb's...
and the Wiebe's!


Laura said...

catching up on blogs...girl, welcome to my life! You are lucky to have your husband home again! Yup, people always have it harder than us so I'm thankful that I don't have to do the war thing or have a second job!

the thorntons said...

You could do it if you had to. Glad he's home and that you got to talk to him while he was away!