Thursday, July 24, 2008

Definitions:Part 5

Bye Bye: interjection
1. What Quinn says when people tell him "bye bye"
2. What Quinn tells the people on the grocery isles as they walk past us
3. What Quinn tells Daddy every time he kisses him...since he does this when he leaves for work, Quinn thinks he must be leaving

dan: verb
1. The word Quinn says over and over whenever he hears music
2. Accompanied with an awesome bouncing motion and head bob

kicken: noun
1. Quinn's precious word for chicken

yungee: adjective
1. What Quinn says when he's ready to eat
2. Words that usually follow: Cackers, wahwah, joose (with puckered lips)

Yeah!: adverb
1. The word Q says every time you give him a high five

1. Quinn's first cuss word (just kidding!)
2. Quinn's word for outside

gunkee: noun
1. What Quinn says when he sees a monkey
2. Usually followed by the sound, "oo oo ee!"

Boz: noun
1. Quinn's word for the character, Boz (The other day, Q walked up to the TV, pointed to it and said, "Boz" over and over. We had recently gotten a Boz video but I thought he was surely trying to say something else since we'd only watched it a few times. But, as soon as I put Boz on, he was so excited and kept saying Boz when the green bear popped on the screen!...I was impressed!)

Other new words that need no definition:
mommy (not to be mistaken with momma)
gan (again)
pool (see pic of Q at the pool in his cool new floatie!)
nose (said very funny!)
ock (sock)
Brad (Uncle Brad)
Ssss...pawpaw (Slickpaw)
fsh (fish)

Q's Animal Sounds:
Baaa (Sheep)
Ooo Ooo Eee (Monkey)
Quack Quack (Duck)
Eow (Cat)
Oof Oof (Puppy)
Ssssss (Snake)
Boooo (Cow)
Eeigheigh (Horse)
? (Pig)...hilarious!


The Rowe Crew said...

I love these lists! You'll be so glad you did them b/c their pronunciations change so fast!

I just wanted to say thank you for adding my business blog to your Google analytics says that I get a ton of traffic from your site, so I really appreciate it!!!

And I will for SURE be getting some 25 shirts for the girls and myself. Sorry I've taken so long getting that done :o).

Hope you are enjoying your 40 days! Can't wait to hear about it.

The Bordelon Family said...

Hey Brittney! I don't know if you remember me but I am a friend of Alison Gibsons. Ever since you sent me your blog website to check out Quinn's room decor I can't help but to read it! He is absolutely precious!!

I was wondering if you would spill your secret on where you got the cute banner for Quinn's birthday party. Caleb is turning 1 in a month and we are doing a monkey theme but I can't find a banner that I like. I hope all is well with you!

andydawn said...

The tubie thing is GREAT!

Cara Carroll said...

The picture of Quinn in his float is so cute! Love it! And seriously about his vocab...he is SUCH a little genius! Landon averages about 2 words and even those are pretty iffy :) I LOVE these sweet lists of yours!!