Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Trip to the Vet

This morning, Quinn went with Matt and I to take the puppies to the vet. It was time for their shots, heart worm screening, etc. and we knew Q would love the experience. The puppies did such a good job...they didn't cry when they got their shots and they were very still on the scale. Kia weighed 25.3 lbs., Krozby was 17.5 lbs.... and Q was 23.2 lbs...don't worry...he just stood on the puppy scale. :) The doc told us that Kia needs to loose about 2 we told Quinn that he needs to hold off on feeding her his leftovers for a while! ... We all love our puppies so much and are so thankful that they're healthy!

Quinn telling Kia 'no no no no no!' ... even though she wasn't doing anything wrong! :)

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