Monday, June 09, 2008

Quinn's {Many} Nicknames

In Quinn's short little lifetime, he has acquired quite a few nicknames. It's funny when I really think about all of the crazy things that I (or other people) call, let me begin with explaining his REAL name...

Way before Matt and I were thinking about trying to have babies, I was always on the look out for names. (you know me...I'm such the planner) So, on the plane to Las Vegas in the Summer of 2004, I came across a little 'blip' in a People magazine about Ben Stiller & Cristine Taylor. They had recently named their son Quinlin. I thought it was cool and mentioned it to Matt. As we discussed, I asked him if he liked it shortened...just Quinn...and, he did! So, that became a name that we loved and nothing else seemed to ever top it! ... Now, if you were to ask Matt how we came up with the name, he would SWEAR to you that it had something to do with Brady Quinn, but I PROMISE that he is mistaken!

Then, when we got pregnant, we still loved the name. In the sonogram room on the day we found out he was a boy, we called him Quinn. It kind of freaked me out for a second because I couldn't believe that we could make the decision. (We found out 3 1/2 weeks earlier than we expected!) But, when we said it out loud, I knew it was right. It was the perfect name for our little man. When I looked up the meaning, I loved it too...

Quinn means counsel, strong and well-built.
We pray that he'll be one to seek and give that has a strong faith, character, and love...and being well-built wouldn't be so bad either!

Davis means son of David.
We love David in the Bible, of course, but got the name from my Mom's maiden name. We loved honoring her with it and love the way it sounds with Quinn.

Now, on to the nicknames...

1. "Q"- surely the most popular nickname that people call him. I feel that this one will stick. Even though I write this when I talk about him, I rarely call him "Q." Matt does though...and I think it's cute!

2. Q-dogg- Since Matt has forever been Poedogg, Quinn was Q-dogg from the day we found out he was a boy. It's even typed on our sonogram next to the picture confirming that he's a boy! I surprised Matt with a diaper bag that has this monogrammed on it, and his name tag in the system at church has this in parenthesis. You will probably NEVER hear me call him this, but I don't mind it either.

3. Q.D.P.- Quinn's initials are so cute to me. And, when you say them, I can't help but think of CutiePie. Say'll get what I mean.

4. Baby Quinn- This was what we called him from the moment we found out he was a boy. He's still Baby Quinn to me when I'm talking about him to little kids that are older that Quinn. It's like I'm reminding him to be careful because he's little!

5. Sugar Bear- crazy nickname from me #1

6. Booger Bear- crazy nickname from me #2

7. Sugar Boog- crazy nickname from me #3
8. Sugar Booger Bear- crazy nickname from me #4 by combining the above

9. Boog- shortening crazy nickname #2

10. Snuggle Buggle- crazy nickname from me #5- This is the one I call him when he's extra cuddly! Oh, I love it!

11. Baby Boy- It's what he is, isn't it!?

12. Little Love- What I say when I want to eat him up!

13. Sweet Boy- he is, so it's what I say!

14. Little Man - It's crazy to think that, one day, the little will be taken off of this one!

15. Little Mister- similar to above

16. Quinn Poe- I think this is going to be his "in trouble" name from me.

17. Lil' Ninja- Matt LOVES to call him this. I can hear him saying it!

18. Q-Dizzle- Another from Matt...can you just imagine this coming out of my mouth?

19. Q-tip- We've heard it a few's cute to me.

20. Q-ball- Another witty one we heard recently from a friend at church.

21. Mighty Quinn- Many of the older folks out there think this is cleaver because of the song.

22. QuintanaRoo- Quinn's Pawpaw calls him this sometimes. When they went to Mexico recently, they went to Quintana Roo,'s near Cozumel.

23. QuinnDavisPoe- This is what Quinn's Slickpaw calls him the most.

24. Poot- Another name that Slickpaw calls him...It's what I call Kia, so I don't know why he does it!?

25. Little Crazy- crazy nickname from me #6...this is what I say when he's acting crazy

26. Little Stinker- crazy nickname from me #7...this is what I saw when he's throwing his fits or just being a toot. I sometimes call him this when I'm talking to his Daddy about his day!
27. Quinny- I am not a fond of this nickname. Some people who just can't handle that he has a one syllable name have given him this one! ... you know who you are!
28. Nephew- given by Uncle Brooks
*, I think that's all for now...the list will grow with time. His buddies will find something clever to call him, I'm sure! But, he'll always be my Sweet Little Booger Bear! matter the age!
Quinn as #16... Quinn as #10...
Quinn as #26...but in a good way! ...
Quinn as a not so good way...he didn't want to sit in my lap to take a picture...
Quinn as #25...
Quinn as favorite! ...


Chrys and Mike said...

cute post for a cute boy.

i have a theory about monosyllabic names: when you have one-syllable first and last names you often get called by both names. quinn poe for example.

i was chrys jones for 30 years and many close friends called me "chrys jones" as if it was my first name. as a matter of fact, people still do and i've been married for nearly five years. it's a funny phenomenon. you'll notice it more now that i've mentioned it.

maybe matt poe can attest to this very scientific finding of mine? :)


p.s. thanks so much for the formula and cereal! we are still using it!

Cara Carroll said...

How sweet! I LOVE nicknames! Quinn has the perfect name for so many cute ones!! Q & Landon share #'s 6, 7, & 14!! Love it!!

The Rowe Crew said...

SO cute! I've always wondered how you guys came up with his name and I LOVE it!!

We are thinking of one one-syllable name too, so I'm going to have to ask Scott about that theory :o). I know I call him Scott Rowe sometimes!

I actually taught with Cara for one year and then we were reconnected earlier this year when she bought some stuff from my little business...small world! She is SUPER cute and sweet...y'all would totally hit it off!

The Tibbs World said...

ok, now I don't feel so bad about calling my girl booger bear...shew!