Thursday, June 05, 2008


Quinn LOVES bubbles! He loves the word, he loves the container and he loves the floating soapiness! It's so cute to hear him say the word as he proudly carries around his bubble container. But, even more than Q, Krozby LOVES bubbles! They're his addiction, his puppy crack! If we say the word, Krozby comes running, ready to eat every last one before it hits the ground!
Here is Q playing with "neighbor!" Samantha lives next door and says "HI NEIGHBOR!" every time that she sees us! She loves to play with Kia and Krozby, but will settle for Quinn when the puppies get tired of her. She recently tried to teach Quinn how to blow bubbles. It was cute, but he just wanted his container back!

Here I am blowing bubbles for the boys at playgroup! Such fun...
And, here are Q (and Daddy) playing in the bubbles from his bubble machine! I think Krozby thought he had died and gone to heaven! ...

"Be careful out for Baby Quinn!" - My quote EVERY time bubbles are around!


Jessica and Matt said...

Holy MOLY. Okay, the bubbles are cute. But you let them have bubbles in the HOUSE? On the carpet?? You are way more laid back than me. Girl, I'm like--Bubbles are OUTSIDE toys. Oh great. I'm going to be ocd mom.

How did I totally just make this comment all about me? Wow. I'm a jerkface. (<--more about me.)

katkohn23 said...

There is no better toy in this world than BUBBLES! I am a grown up and I wish I had been there to play!!! The simple things bring out the sweetness, right!!