Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Babysitters

Besides grandparents, I have had 3 different babysitters. Now, don't be mistaken...these little visits have been few and far between...Apparently, Mommy and Daddy have a difficult time leaving me! ... But each lady is so special to me! Let me introduce them to you...

This is Remy!
I like to call her Aunt Remy! She is around lots of the time and loves me so much! (That's not bragging, is it!?) She was my first babysitter while mommy went to make her hair look pretty and ended up watching me for that same reason a few other times too! She is always so excited to see me and will play with me forever. I like that about her!

This is Mrs. Margaret!
Mrs. Margaret is Remy's mother-in-law! I think that Remy has been telling her a thing or two about me, because she loves me too! She has kept me at my house two times when Mommy, Daddy, Brad and Remy have had important meetings about Two-Five. She is lots of fun and lets me show her all of my toys. Last night, she even fed me my dinner and put my jammies on me! That just proves that she's going to be an extra great grandma one day!

This is Jamiann!
Jamiann kept me when Mommy and Daddy had to go to a fancy banquet. She was the first babysitter that we gave money to ...I think that means she's really good at watching me! Since that time, she's played with me a lot at church, loves to make me make "spitting" noises, and even watched me one time when Mommy was out of town and Daddy went to a movie. (Mommy said that Daddy cheated by having a babysitter the first time that she went away for the night, and I agree!) Anyway, Jamiann is fun...I think I hold a spot to be "ring bearer" in her wedding one day...I'm crossing my fingers!


Remy said...

So sweet! Thanks for all the compliments Quinn! I will watch you and keep you company anytime! Day or night! You are so much fun and I love that you are my nephew! We should plan a swim date soon, so I can see you in your new pool play set!

Porter Carroll said...

Quinn, You are so lucky! I am so happy your Mommy has relief from so many people who love you! Brittney, do you think Jamian would want more babysitting jobs? :)
Amy C.

Laura said...

I know it's hard leaving them with babysitters! We only feel good about it with a few people also and day care lady I love! But it is good for us to have grown up time too and we are lucky for the people that love our babies!