Tuesday, April 22, 2008

These are a few of MATT'S favorite things...

According to me, here are a few of Matt's favorite things! ... I'm sure he'll let me know if I left out something important! :)

1. Wrestling...Ok, not this kind, but the kind that you can do with a 1 year old baby boy! Matt already loves to 'rough house' with Q...throw him, play with him, act silly on the floor...it's cute!

2. Mint Chocolate Chip Blue Bell Ice Cream... I have to admit...I love it too!
3. Basketball...Playing! Watching! Talking about! He LOVES it...and always will! (And, he is pretty good, if I do say so myself!) 4. Movies...Before Quinn, we went to the movies ALL of the time. Now, the times are few and far between, but we still love it. It's something we like to do together! (And, Matt always HAS to have popcorn, candy, and a drink!!! It drives me crazy!)

5. Boston Terriers...a.k.a. Kia! She is definitely our first born. Matt got her about a year before we met, and she quickly became my baby too! Then, about 3 years into our marriage, we got Krozby! I thank him for introducing me to this amazing dog...they're truly the best!
6. Rob Bell...Matt really enjoys reading books by this man, listening to him speak, and watching his Nooma videos. They make you think!
7. US! ... Of course!

8. Flavored Coffee Creamer...Matt can't have coffee without this! My mom gives him such a hard time, but he loves it just the same! (Honestly, I think he likes to pretend he loves coffee...I don't see him finish a cup very often! :) )
9. Chicken Express...If you say the words, Matt's mouth starts to water and he's in the car on his way to get their chicken strips (smothered in Serendipity salt) and a Sweet Tea. Personally, I think they serve their chicken TOO HOT...but he passionately disagrees!
10. IPod Nano...this goes with him wherever he goes. He listens to various kinds of music, many different sermons, books on tape, and more! When we go somewhere in my car, he has to get it out of his car so we can listen to HIS songs!
11. HD...I don't think it matters what we're watching, as long as it's in HD! He constantly talks about how clear it is! It makes me laugh. He used to get on to me so horribly for recording my shows on the regular channels. I've learned my lesson! :)

12. NOT mowing the yard...or pulling weeds...or planting flowers...etc...he HATES it all! I blame his dad for this! Apparently, Matt had to do yard work on many Saturdays and despises it to this day. He loves having someone else mow our yard...and I just gave in!

13. Skor Bars...Matt could eat 2 or 3 in one sitting. Once, my dad got him the big box of 40 something at Sam's and it didn't last near as long as you would have expected it to! 14. Michael Jordan...His childhood (and grownup) idol! Matt did get to meet him once...cool, right!?
15. Tender White Popcorn...Matt's after dinner/before bedtime snack! I'm not a huge fan of popcorn, so he always gets the whole bag to himself...even though he always offers me some! 16. SHOES!!!!...his ultimate weakness! I had never known of a guy (better yet, a human being) that loves shoes as much as my husband! But, I have to admit...he always looks good and put together...and, to him, the shoes make or break the outfit!

17. Milk Duds...I would say that these come in 2nd place to Skor Bars...but this is what goes best with the popcorn at the movies!
18. His BlackJack...Matt is a great friend and youth pastor, so his phone is his extra appendage. He almost always has his phone...and he's often getting calls, texts or emails! He is so good about turning it off when it's "family time" or not coming into the house on the phone...that used to be one of my biggest pet peeves. Thank you, baby, for changing that! :)

19. Bibles!!!...I feel that he has a million! He loves getting new ones...different versions, sizes, colors, purposes. He has his study Bible, his preaching Bible, the Bible that he keeps in his backpack, and MANY more! I guess it's a pretty good thing to collect! 20. ESPN...especially Sports Center...oh how he loves it! And, oh how I can tune it out when it's on! The 'du du duh, du du duh' of Sports Center is my cue to read a magazine! :)

21. His MAC and 22. Commercials...Since we have been married, Matt has switched to Mac and there's no turning back. He loves it and can design shirts and make videos to his heart's content. He also LOVES commercials. (The Mac vs. PC ones in particular!) I always fast forward through the commercials, and Matt will stop to watch his favorites. He's always wanting to show me a new, funny commercial!

So...that's it! The last of my family's favorite things!!! Have you made your list yet?


James said...

HIL-FREEKING-LARIOUS!!! So much good stuff here in Matt's list, and very insightful. Britney, these lists are pure brilliance. NICE JOB!

Laura said...

I do the SAME THING when I hear the Sports Center music!

Kara Wilson said...

I am LOVING all of your "favorites" posts! I am going to do it, too! So fun to read & I have gotten lots of good ideas!! Thanks for sharing!