Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Eleven Months Old

My little Snuggle Buggle,

I can't believe that I only have one month left to enjoy you as my {blank} month old. In no time, you are going to be my big, one year old. Where has the time gone?
Your eleventh month has been full of activity!!! You are pointing at everything...people, animals, food that you want, and every thing around your room when I pick you up from your nap! I guess you're showing me all of the cool stuff you've discovered. You also like to touch fingers like E.T. It's so cute to watch you grin with excitement when a pointer finger comes close to yours. You think it's so fun when they finally touch. You love to wave and will usually wave at someone if I ask you to. People think it's so great! Shaking your head "no" is something that you have started to do this month. I don't know if you associate it with the word, "no," yet, but you have often done it when I'm trying to put you down for a nap. It usually makes me laugh, which often spurs you on to like to do that! You have gotten your fake laugh down to an art! It's hilarious! You are still patting your mouth like an Indian and making the "awh awh awh" sound. The funniest thing about it is that you do it with the back of your hand. So cute!

You are really great at tried and tried for so long and finally got it this month! You often clap between bites in your highchair. I assume that you're applauding yourself for being such a great eater...and you should! This month you have been quite the "trash compactor." You are down to eating three 'normal' meals...Breakfast usually consists of milk, cheerios, YoBaby yogurt, and fresh fruit. You love bananas, strawberries, mango, pears and blueberries. Lunch is usually Chicken & Stars, Beef & Tomato Ravioli, Chicken & Carrot Ravioli, baby goldfish crackers, LeSeur peas, cheese, turkey lunch meat, and more. And Dinner is usually one of your "Lil' Entrees" and lots of bites of whatever we're eating. You'll eat what you have, but will point to our plates because I'm sure what we have looks better. You have started drinking more whole milk this month and have also started to like water. You feel like such a big boy when you're drinking out of your sippy cups. It makes you seem like a big boy to me too! You are nursing only twice a day...first thing in the morning and right before bed. I see us dropping the morning feeding's bittersweet that my baby is growing up!
You are crawling, crawling, crawling and still pulling up on anything that is even semi-stationary. You are very confidant with walking around things while holding on. We know that you're going to let go any day and be our big walker!
You got "in trouble" for the first time this month. After being told "no" numerous times to stop digging in the puppies bowls, Daddy gave you a little swat on the hand. You knew what you had done was wrong and started crying. It was so sad and, after Daddy loved on you and told you he loved you, I couldn't wait to do the same. Then, about a week later when you were aggressively pulling my hair when I was putting you down for a nap, I swatted your little hand. You looked at me with your big, beautiful eyes, and LAUGHED! Little toot! Maybe I'm not going to be a very good disciplinarian!?

Sleeping has been GREAT at our house this month! I pray every night that you'll have a great, peaceful night's sleep, that you won't get scared if you wake up in the night, that you'll fall back to sleep easily, and that Angels would protect you. Thank you, Jesus, for answered prayers. You sleep from about 8:30 to 7 something and take 2 naps. The first one is at about 9:30 a.m. and is an hour to an hour and a half long. The second is at about 3:00 p.m. and is anywhere from one and a half to two and a half hours. I'm able to get lots of Two-Five stuff done when you sleep so well. You continue to scratch our heads or play with our hair when you get sleepy, but this month, you started reaching up and scratching your own head. It's our definite cue that you're ready for bed when the passy goes in and your sweet little hand goes up. Such a little love!

Your playroom is where we spend much of our day! You love to move around....still taking off all of the books and looking at them, pulling things out of the desk drawers (especially clothespins and rulers), drumming on your drum, watching PraiseBaby and your sign language video, playing with your trash truck, playing your "piano," your blocks, and more! Your favorite toy this month has become your golf ball. One Sunday, you discovered the yellow, Sponge Bob golf ball that Daddy had given you and didn't put it down for weeks. It became your 'lovey' and NEVER left your hand. It was hilarious to watch you eat, sleep, crawl, and play with your new 'lovey' in hand. People would comment about how cute it was and would say, "I bet his daddy loves that!" And, he did! Leave it to Matt Poe's son to have a ball as a lovey!

In the car, you are such a trooper. We drive a run errands for us and for Two-Five and to church and back. You love to see me when I peek at you from the front seat and will laugh as you cock your head back to see me. I give you snacks from the font seat when you get fussy. I love to feel your little hand grab the things out of mine. You'll play in your seat...with your golf ball or other toys that we keep in the car...and often find it fun to take your socks off and play with them. You still fall asleep fairly easily in the car. I always know when you're falling asleep by your low pitched, singing hum that you always start. It's so sweet! When it's time to get you out of the car, you get so excited. You beam at me when I'm getting your stroller out of the back or when I open you car door. It's like you haven't seen me in days and makes me feel so special!

Our favorite thing about this month has been that you are starting to talk! We know that your little brain is full of things to say, you just haven't been able to say them yet. Your first word came with some surprise...after playing with a duck book for quite a bit of time and with rubber duckies in the bath, you said "Quack" very confidently! It's so fun to say, "Quinn, what does a duck say?" and you answer with "Quack, Quack, Quack!" You also 'ruff" like a puppy when we ask you what a puppy'll say "oof oof oof." You're so smart! You also, of course, started saying "ball." You'll crawl to your 'lovey' and say 'ball' numerous times.

So, as we enjoy this last month before your birthday, know that I love you more than I can say and that I love watching you learn and discover new things everyday. You are such a dream...such a blessing...such a joy!

Your Momma

***I'm afraid that these little photo shoots are getting more and more difficult! You were EVERYWHERE today and wanted nothing to do with the black sheet that you usually sit on. So, after next month, goodbye little monthly photo shoot...c'est la vie! Maybe I'll just find a way to incorporate your red "Q" into a pic every month!


Kimberly said...

Quinn sounds so much like Creighton! He points at everything and loves when you touch his pointer finger with your own!

Love the post.

ThePoeFam said...
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I am Heather...creator of all things crafty! said...

B, you're really a good photographer. I have the same camera as you and my pic's aren't anywhere near as cute as yours. Maybe you need to give me some pointers.

The Ralston Family said...

hey girl!

Looks like things are great for you guys! I love reading your blog since it has been forever since I have seen you or talked to you. Best of luck!

Lauren Palmer-Ralston