Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Love My Puppies...

Quinn just LOVES Kia and Krozby. When we walk in from being gone to get them out of their cage, he just smiles and smiles. He loves to watch them play and loves to play with their toys more than his own. Crawling to their dog bowl has to be his favorite past time and playing with Kia's collar is a consistent occurrence. I can't wait to watch him as he starts to run with them and throw their toys! What a sweet little bond they already have!
{Look at Quinn's sweet little shirt!}


elizabeth said...

Hey Brittney! I haven't talked to Erin in forever. But I just found her on facebook. It's crazy all the ways we can reconnect now. I'm catching up on your blog now while I should be working! I love the pics of Quinn--he's so cute!

Nicki W. said...

where did you get that t-shirt? i want one in pug!
not to chime in on ya'lls, blog conversation, but i email erin every now and again. she lives in nashville again. email at and i will send you her email.