Thursday, March 06, 2008

Easter Bunny...I have a secret to tell you...

Dear Easter Bunny,
Guess what? I think I like you more than
Santa Claus. I was so proud of myself for not crying today when I met you. You were very big and very furry, but I didn't mind. I forgot to tell you that I'd like some new Converse shoes in my Easter basket this year, please! I'm sure that won't be a problem considering you were wearing a cool red pair today! Maybe that's why I liked you so much!? Anyway, thanks for holding my hand, for tickling me and for letting me meet you. You're a pretty cool guy!


The Rhodes' said...

where is this bunny? so cute!

Rachel DeBell said...

Girl, I cannot seem to find your email address or number. Sorry I have been soooo busy answering emails and calls this week. Anyway, would love to set something up soon. Did we say summer? Anyway, let's talk! Send me an email if you can...I am having website issues, so hopefully you will hear back from me shortly!

Donnell Days said...

What a precious picture with the Easter Bunny! I took Hudson to the Willowbend bunny the red converse! :)