Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A day in the life of my ALMOST one year old...

In 22 days, my baby will be one!!! It's crazy to think that he's getting so big but it seems like ages ago that he was 3 weeks old and 4 months old ! He has changed SO much! Did he really sleep that much? And, did I do anything but feed him? ...So, in honor of my almost birthday boy, I thought I'd give you a very long and detailed play-by-play of a day in the life of US...The Poe Fam!

7:05 a.m.- We hear Q start talking through the monitor. We're glad he made it to 7 this morning! (That was almost 11 hours of sleep!)

7:11 a.m.- The talking soon turns into fussing! He sure doesn't want to be left in his crib long after he wakes up!

7:12 a.m.- Daddy goes to get Quinn- I hear "Mornin' Dude!" and a kiss through the monitor as I try to rest for a second more in bed...then I hear my boys walking through the house to me!

7:14 a.m.- Good Morning, Baby! I see Quinn for the first time today when Daddy brings him to our bed. This has to be one of the biggest highlights of my day! I am SO happy to see him and he is SO happy to see me!
7:17 a.m.0 Good Morning, Puppies! Daddy lets Kia and Krozby out to potty and then they quickly come to visit us in bed! Q loves to see them...he just beams as he gets 'kisses!'

7:23 a.m.- Up and at 'em- Quinn has had enough playing in bed. He opens and closes our bathroom cabinets (maybe we should babyproof?!?) as I 'freshen up' a bit. Q has fun crawling around the bathroom and 'talking' to Daddy while he takes a shower.

7:35 a.m.- A fit was thrown because we took the cell phone away from Q...little toot!

7:40 a.m.- Mommy and Quinn went to Q's room to put on boots and a hat! It SNOWED last night and we have to go out and get a few pics! He was not a fan of the snow...too cold!!!

7:50 a.m.- FINALLY breakfast time! Quinn was SO hungry for his Cheerios, pears, apple YoBaby and milk! He even shared with me a little!

8:00 a.m.- Daddy leaves for work

8:05 a.m.- Daddy called to make sure we weren't going to get out and about for a little while! It's a little slippery out there!

8:15 a.m.- Breakfast is over and Q wants OUT of his highchair!

8:17 a.m.- We got to Q's playroom to crawl around and watch a PraiseBaby! He laughs as the intro comes on! I check my email and Quinn gets into stuff while loving his video!

8:35 a.m.- SHOO EEE!!! Diaper change! He HATES it...until I start singing "Abba Dabba"...then it's all smiles!

8:45 a.m.- Time to read! Q pushes the "baaa" button on the sheep book at least 100 times! We read lots of other books...he just listens so well!

8:58 a.m.- Quinn sat on my lap while we checked out our friends' blogs. He watched Porter in his first snow and then had more fun pulling stuff out of the desk drawer!

9:05 a.m.- Bath time! Q crawled around in the buff while the water filled, then dove inside for a great time! He loves bath time with Mommy!

9:25 a.m.- Drying off those pruney little fingers and toes!

9:30 a.m.- New diaper and all wrapped up in a cozy blanket. I rocked him to sleep...it took him about 2 minutes as I hummed 2 out of the 3 songs I sing to him when it's 'nap nap' time.

9:35 a.m.- Nap Nap, Sweet Boy! (While he slept, I got busy on Two-Five stuff!)

11:45 a.m.- Up and snuggly...what a good napper Q was today... over 2 hours!

11:50 a.m.- Getting dressed...in a cute "I'm One of a Kind" snowflake shirt, of course!

11:55 a.m.- Crawling around the house...getting into the puppy food and going straight toward all the covered outlets.
12:15 p.m.- LUNCH TIME! Quinn's menu consisted of mac'n'cheese, deli turkey, cheese sticks, gold fish crackers, peas, and pickles! Yummy...he devoured it!

12:45 p.m.- Quinn "helped" in the study and garage as we ordered more shirts for Two-Five.

1:30 p.m.- Q "helped" Mom finish getting ready by digging out all of the things I needed from under the sink...and also wrote on the bathroom door with my eyeliner! Awesome!

1:40 p.m.- Shoo EEE again! A not so fun diaper change for both of us!

1:45 p.m.- All buckled up in the car and ready to go mail shirts, get envelopes for birthday party invites and look for birthday party napkins! We love running errands together!

Peek-a-boo... 3:15 p.m.- Q fell asleep in the car

3:35 p.m.- Home again...rocked Q and put him down for his 'nap nap'

4:45 p.m.- Q woke and was ready to play! We hung out in his room and played with things like hangers and boxes while I changed his sheet! We also talked to Grammer and Slickpaw on the phone!

5:00 p.m.- While we were still hanigng out in Quinn's room, Daddy came home! YAY! What a great part of our day! This means it's time to play and time for Mommy to have just a little break!
5:15 p.m.- Quinn watched his sign launguage video while Daddy got ready for his basketball game and Mommy worked on the blog!

5:30 p.m.- Q had an early dinner of pasta with meat sauce, green beans, applesauce, and Cherrios. What a mess!

5:55 p.m.- I got Quinn all cleaned up and changed his diaper and his clothes6:00 p.m.- Left for the basketball game. Quinn and I had so much fun playing in the backseat because one of Daddy's teammates rode in the front. Quinn thought I was SUPER funny!

6:45 p.m.- Daddy's basketball game!! Even though they didn't win, it is always fun to watch and cheer for our favorite guy! Quinn even got to go on the court with Daddy before the game started.

7:50 p.m.- We drove home and Quinn fought sleep so hard! He did anything and everything to keep himself awake. It was too funny!

8:00 p.m.- When we got home, Daddy put on Q's jammies and played just a little more before it was time for bed. When we walked out of his room, look what I found on Daddy's hiney! It was hilarious!

8:15 p.m.- Quinn nursed for the first and only time today and fell asleep while eating.
8:45 p.m.- I took Q to his room, prayed for him and said "Sweet Dreams" to my precious boy! What a blessing it is to spend the whole day with my son!


Kimberly said...

I LOVE THIS! I will be making one of my own when I start spending the entire day with Creighton. I can't wait.

Thank you for sharing.

Meredith said...

Loved reading about your day! How fun! Hope to see you soon!


it sounds like you have a rather fun day! good seeing y'all at the game last night!


God Bless!

Natalie said...

Fun! I'm going to copy too-I love this idea!

The Rowe Crew said...

Soooo cute! What a fun day you guys had! I especially like the pics of him in the towel :o)

I did this when Emmy was about 7 or 8 months old and remember thinking, wow, it's amazing all we do in a day!

Remy said...

How did Matt not notice a huge diaper on his butt? I seriously laughed out loud! What a great day in recap! Love it!

campers said...

that diaper is great! Sooo funny! WHAT a day!

Kara Wilson said...

What a fun day! I absolutely LOVED reading all about it!!! I just love your little man! And all of the pictures were awesome! You are so good! I need your camera and your skills! Thanks for the sweet birthday call yesterday! I want to see you soon! Miss you!

Laura said...

Wow, what an eventful day! Laney loves that little musical thing in the car, it gets us through the mornings on my ride to work!

Nicki W. said...

ahhhh! what a day! whew!