Friday, September 28, 2007

Happy Half Birthday, my baby!

Quinn Davis Poe,
Half of a year…in one hand I feel that you have been in our lives for always and in the other, I can’t believe how quickly you have grown and changed. Regardless of how time has passed, I know one thing for sure --- I am SO in love with you! Words truly can’t explain. I feel that I may be experiencing the closest thing I can to how God loves us! What an amazing thought! I thank Him daily for the privilege of loving you and being your Mommy.
This month has brought many memories our way. You are laughing more and more and your smiles MUST be getting bigger. Your eyes sparkle and your nose crinkles (sorry…that’s your Mommy’s fault!) when you’re extra happy! You are “talking” like crazy---yelling for the world to hear and saying “words” like ‘yaya,’ ‘baba,’ ‘gaga,’ and, our favorite, ‘dada!’ ---We’ll always make such a big deal when you say ‘dada’ and quickly find him so that he can respond to you! Sometimes we’re sure that you know just what you’re saying!
You’re rolling to your back the second we put you on you belly and, if you’ll stay put long enough, are starting to scoot a bit---is it time to baby proof already? You still give extra tight hugs and have now started “kissing!” You’ll grab our faces with both of your hands and aggressively lick or suck on our chin, lip, cheek or nose. You love it and smile at your affection! We hope you’ll always be such a lovey little guy. This month you have also started sticking out your tongue---it’s such a mischievous face you make but it’s too precious. We laugh and stick our tongues out back at you…you’re a mess!!!
My favorite new thing you do is reach for us! I’ll never forget as your Daddy was holding you in the kitchen and you held out your arms and leaned for me. My heart melted and still does each time you choose to be in our arms over others’.

This September you started school. The first time I had to leave you in your room (even though I’m right down the hall) was very hard for mommy! But, now that we’re in a routine, I cherish feeding you twice during the day and I’ve realized how quickly our 5 hour days go. What a blessing it is to have a job that still allows me to be mommy first! …And, you seem to enjoy school. You love you teachers and your five little friends. You’re having so much fun playing, riding in the baby mover, reading stories (God’s Bigger than the Boogie Man!) and learning about Jesus. You must have eventful days because you usually nap for three hours when we get home.
We have let you taste a lot of new things this month---pickles, ice cream, chocolate icing, watermelon, diet coke, and oatmeal cereal with bananas. You love it---all put the pickles! We are very anxious to start baby food and can’t wait to introduce you to many other new tastes.

Even though you love your new exersaucer, your jumparoo, playing with bubbles, your play mat, and, of course, Clarence, our things are definitely your favorite “toys!” You will kick with such excitement to get your hands on the remote, your monitor, our cups, plates, and cell phones. It’s hilarious to watch your eyes as your reach for these things. We gave you your own remote and you consistently hang up on or mute Grammer and Slickpaw when you’re “talking” to them on the phone. I fear that my phone may have “drool damage” sooner than later! You have also started throwing a little fit if you drop your toy or get it too far out of your reach. Seeing your temper makes Daddy nervous and makes me laugh!

We have had a very social month---Grammer and Slickpaw have visited, we’ve had fun times at playgroup (and meeting Baby Chapman Penuel) and we traveled to San Angelo for your great-GREAT grandma’s funeral. What a sweet and long life she had! It was so good to see lots of Poe’s and for you to meet many great aunts, uncles, and cousins for the first time. You are not short on love, little boy!

So, Happy ½ Birthday, little man! Who would have thought that half of a year could be so full? I love you and anxiously anticipate the joys that the next half will bring!


Your Mommy

And, here are some highlights from Quinn's 1/2 birthday celebration...

Waking up to a fun, 1/2 decorated room!

Quinn playing with his cool new toy that he got for his 1/2 birthday!

1/2 of a party hat!
...ans 1/2 of a cake!!

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man, i'm anxious to see what happens on his 1 year!! haha! happy half birthday quinn....